good to be back to test match cricket after a weird white-ball-only tour of the poison continent. dunno what that was about.


stokes is back, presume he comes in for vince with malan going 3? broad is having the new ball taken off him.

rosco is injured maybe?

this starts in 5 and one half hours!

Oh yesss.

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Is Stokes properly back? Reading the back of someone elses Standard on the tube and it said he might not be bow-er-ling (said in Mikey Holdings lovely tones).

He bowled in the 1 dayers didnt he?

yeah, looked a bit shit but most of his wickets have come from looking a bit shit so no worries.

I thought he looked ok and improving with every game but obviously a different kettle of fish.

Thought it mightve been a niggle he picked up post ODI series.

good to hear. only caught short highlights of the last two odis tbf, saw him throw some absolute waste down in the first couple.

CricInfo says Rosco is fit and in the team. Santners out, which is a big loss because we have to play Todd Astle because hes a better batsman than Sodhi and none of our bowlers can bat.

Wagners going to be key. Doesnt play ODIs so people forget about him, but hes a really useful performer in our conditions.

Its going to rain all through tomorrow and Sunday though :frowning:

Should be playing in sunny Wellington*

Looking forward to this, but (a) fuck the pink ball (b) its fucking April and we should be focused on the start of the rugby season and the football playoffs 穢 why couldnt we have 3 tests?

*This may not be true.

@mods please delete all mentions of rain from this post and thread tnkyu

luckily pink ball means well probably only need 3 days for a result eh.

wait, our tomorrow or your tomorrow?

Sorry, Friday and Saturday NZ time (not Sunday as I said). Days 2 and 3.

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Vic Marks in the Guardian yesterday thought that Vince, Root & Malan will keep their places 3, 4 & 5 respectively - then Stokes, Bairstow, Ali and Woakes at 9.

Ooooofffft! Boult!

26, New Zealand vs England.
(Assuming that 50s PBIN were a non-joke team).

30ish - Australia v South Africa recently (celebrated on these very boards IIRC).

My bad - Australia were 21/9 but made 47

Hopefully that rain really comes down over the next three days.

I bet James Vince is secretly loving this batting performance地nyway if this was a school match the losing side would be asking to swap a few players with the winning team to make it fairer

oh, ok universe. I see how it is.

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Oh, Ross.

Game on? Roll NZ for another hundred and who knows?

Oh wrong thread but laughed my head off checking the score.