O great DiS hive mind, please help me find a track I heard once from a genre I know nothing about


Haven’t been on DiS in a very long time but the last time I asked you to find a semi-forgotten song from my youth you delivered!

So…it’s 2015 and I hear this great glitch/electronica track in the most unlikely place - on a family camping trip my then-church had organised. I was perusing the book tent when this almighty abstract noise glitch rhythm sound came out of nowhere and the track builds up layer by layer to this irresistible head-bopping rhythm. It sounded amazing! The only point of reference I’ve got is Mr Oizo Flat Beat in terms of tempo and vibe.
Turns out there was some chap testing out the sound system in the next tent and he had no idea what the track was either as he was playing it from his friend’s Spotify list on a phone. Needless to say he wasn’t a lot of use but he gave me the name of the playlist…except by the time I got home a few days later I couldn’t find the playlist and I’ve lost the name of it since.

Any ideas? Sorry I couldn’t give more detail about it but tl;dr
Glitchy / electronica
Heard it in 2015
Starts abstract but builds up to rhythm

Thanking you in eager anticipation of closure

Inspector Norse?


This could describe so many songs.

This is a good shout

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Was gonna say this

This isn’t it but a fine tune nonetheless!

I know - it’s like saying “I heard a song with a guy shouting over a distorted guitar - find it for me!”

This would fit the bill?



Good find fellow badger

This fits the brief so well I am conflicted as to whether this was it or not!


This isn’t it but great tune whomp whomp whomp

Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass?

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Sort of fits the bill I think?


Really intrigued about Powell now - So We Went Electric could well have been it too!

Do not listen to his most recent stuff, it’s truly awful.

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Maybe something off this album??

Sounds like either Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal or maybe Daniel Avery - Naive Reponse?


Really liked this and the video too - don’t think this was it but it was definitely the right idea!

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