O great DiS hive mind, please help me find a track I heard once from a genre I know nothing about

Good shout this. The build was about right (but this isn’t it)

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Collider or Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins. Right time, Mr Oizo style bass if you’re without other frames if reference. Open Eye Signal a better bet…

Something by the Hacker maybe?

the Mr Ozio Flat Beat reference puts them out of contention I think but I couldn’t read the words “noise glitch rhythm sound” and not volunteer 65dos


Starts abstract, builds into something relentlessly foot stomping, but probably a bit slow:

Fits the Oizo vibe:

This is excellent and the intro is bang-on with what I remember - unsure if this is the track but this is almost as good - thanks!

I was always massively underwhelmed by 65dos until they went more electronic - Prisms blew me away in 2013 and I had totally forgotten all about it until now! Thanks

Really reminds me of my UHF cassette from back in the day!

Agreed that this is a little on the slow side for whatever mystery track I am chasing a fleeting memory of. Thanks anyway!

It probably isn’t this, but it fits the description: Prins Thomas - H (The Orb Heaven Or Hell Remix) - YouTube

The orginal version came out in earlly 2016 so maybe?.. Prins Thomas H Smalltown Supersound - YouTube

or a much older song - YouTube

Not this but it’s a tune and a half


Damn, I haven’t listened to Powell in ages. Loved him a lot in like 2015 and saw him play a set on the bill with Mumdance‘ band whose name I can’t remember. I remember thinking Sport was disappointing when it came out so god knows what it must be like now.

Was it year you heard it? Maybe something Chris Clarkish?