O2 wifi's down

…but it’s fine, just means i won’t get any work emails between leaving work and getting home, and will have to go about half an hour without memes on WhatsApp.


Aye - the network has been screwed since first thing this morning

Wondered why I didn’t have any giffgaff network data at times today.

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Yup, giffgaff and other providers piggyback off the O2 network.

I’ve not had data since about 5.30 this morning, and I’ve intermittently been losing the ability to call and text as well.

My home wifi resets once every day in the evening. Takes about 90 seconds to reset. You wouldn’t believe how often flatmates come out of their rooms panicking.

The conversation’s virtually the same every time:
(drops out)
(door opens)
“It’s fine, it’s just rese…”
(unplugs everything)
“You don’t have to do that, it comes back on”
(not back on in thirty seconds)
“See, it’s broken”
“Just wait 1-2 minutes, it’ll be fine”
“What should i do…?”
“Idk, read a fucking book or something, go for a walk…”


this has kept me offline all day, assume I was missed

was thinking ‘haha unlucky suckers’

then realised giffgaff wouldn’t work either

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Thought all was well for a minute there but no, still down. Haven’t read any tinfoil hat theories about this yet, anyone got any good ones?

Answering work emails out of paid work time is a mug’s game. Unless your commute is paid.


I can’t get my home wifi in the toilet, so I revert to 3G in there. It’s a minor concern at the moment.

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Does anyone know how on an iPhone to make it send an iMessage after sending green texts? It’s doing my head in. The only way I can seem to do it is by going into the contact and using their email address thing but that it doing it in a different chat.

Have you tried going into settings>messages and then there’s an iMessage slider at the top? Check that, try toggling it on and off

Ed to add: I’m an update behind on the OS but I sincerely doubt it’s changed


Cheers, that’s worked now. Tried it a few times earlier and it kept reverting to green texts.

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4g… more like poor g


Love this, mate