Oak Processionary Caterpillars

Got it bad on Saturday, now just trying to resist scratching at all costs.

Looks like it might be only a matter of time before this becomes a plague in the UK too.


Used to work alongside a guy who studied these for a living. Really nasty things.

Found out on Saturday that this is indeed ‘a thing’.

Wasn’t until I was Googling it that I realised what a big problem it was and why so many trees on my route home have these tape marks around them. I had assumed the tape was to do with some sort of political campaigning I wasn’t aware of. Also now know why there were astronaut-looking people in the trees one lunchtime. These bastards are serious business.

I remember back when I lived in London I saw a load of trees that were taped off because they were infested with the things. They’re spreading North at an alarming rate as well :grimacing:

There are trees near us marked as well.

Did you end up touching some or something?

Get these down here

Used to get them near the parents in law’s house. Really bad rash, like a burn.
Why is it the crap brown moths as well, don’t even get a pretty butterfly at the end!

I did a real power talk interview outside on Saturday and was sat down on the grass near some trees for an hour or so, been itching since then

Oh shit. Take off and nuke yourself from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

(Hope the hell stops soon bud)

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It’s an occupational hazard of rock’n’roll

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That’s freaky as fuck. Feel justified in my decision to go outside as little as possible.

My dad’s a groundsman on the Isle of Wight and has been really badly affected by them this year. Big colonies everywhere.


(they’re better now)

Nuke The Netherlands


Oak Processionary Caterpillars…they hospitalised my colleague - best lyric Mark E Smith never wrote