Oasis: a TV Adaptation of The Book of Strange New Things

It’s only a pilot now but you can watch it without signing up for Amazon Video or whatever.

It bears only a passing resemblance to the book, unfortunately, although I guess that would be hard to do. Mostly it’s just taken the characters and the idea of this other world but there’s no love spent in showing the space travel aspect or anything.

It seems like a sort of Fortitude on an alien world from this so probably will appeal to @zxcvbnm although I thought it actually seemed pretty decent as a sci-fi. Certainly the script and acting is better than Fortitude.

Oh and it has yer man who was Robb in Game of Thrones @whiterussian

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Oi Theo, is there anything decent on Prime at the moment? Think I have only watched Preacher and Red Oaks in the last year.

(also no idea what you are banging on about here - is it with Noel or Liam playing Eleven?)

I can’t tell you because I don’t have Amazon prime. I watched that for free on the site, sorry.

This is an adaptation of the book by Michael Faber, who wrote Under the Skin

It’s under £5 if you want to add it to your reading list. It’s great.

I’ll point out that link GOES TO THE BOOK but Amazon have hijacked the preview text there to promote their pilot.

Definitely maybe won’t watch this

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I have read Under the Skin so maybe I will… maybe I will.

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I’ve had that book on my ‘to read’ pile for ages. Sounds interesting.

Stranger Than* New Things


I read it when it first came out. It’s good. Faber’s so damn versatile. Hard to believe sometimes that we wrote both this and The Crimson Petal and the White.

Would like to watch an adaptation but I’m not getting a subscription to anything for it.

Yeah, I mean the pilot’s interesting but there isn’t even a series created yet, it’s just that for consideration. If you’ve a spare 45 mins then check it out from that link.

Might give it a try later on, cheers.

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Ooh. Might be ok. Will watch later. You could probably do an adaptation quite cheaply. The sci-fi stuff was quite muted. There wasn’t even windows on the spaceship that delivers him at the start.

Some of us haven’t read it yet you prick! Get back to your abseiling.

Ha, yeah. It was more this show is quite high-paced because I guess it’s one of those HERE’S THE PILOT DO YOU WANT ANSWERS? things. Whereas I felt the detail of how he travels in the book was cool and it could probably have done with just a little more time spent over it.

I mean the main feel for Oasis in the book was about having time on your hands, right? This changes the dynamic for that. Anyway… see what you think.

The book’s on my big stack of unread books.

The Crimson Petal and the White is one of my all-time favourites. The TV show of it was pretty good too.

Never read or seen that one. I guess I should add it to my list as I enjoyed Under the Skin too.

It’s pretty different- set in the Victoria era.

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