Oasis were actually decent though

Someone should do a thread where they go through every track in the list and commentate it.

(Not me)

I’ve probably posted this on here before, but I was subjected to Radio X for an entire working week once. It was wednesday before I heard the first female voice!??? (Cardigans Favourite Game of course)

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Yeah, weird choice of a quite understated album track!

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Are Radio X responsible for how huge The Courteeners appear to be? I never hear their songs anywhere.

I"ll do it if the full list is anywhere

one of their best imo


First time I’ve heard it.

Was expecting one of the more obvious hits.

I like the Submarine soundtrack so I get the appeal of a more subtle AM track.

Not enough Oasis on that list tbh

I’m going to say yes as likewise, never hear them anywhere…but then i am never anywhere either so who knows. Happy for radio x to take the blame though

I could sing the top 9 and remember all the words no problem.
Can’t say that about your dis darlings can you.

No, but i can to songs i like as well.

Guessing you’re the target audience for radio x. Send a SAE for a free cap and keyring.