Obama piece by Gary Younge


It’s quite lengthy and from last March, but i enjoyed it. Not really interested in debating any of it, just thought it was quite a balanced and engaging account…


Quite a lot of Younge’s America pieces over the last few years have been excellent.


interesting read, thanks for sharing.

The Keepin’ it 1600 bros (ex staff/speechwriters for Obama) have now set up their own media company and a new podcast called Pod Save America. It’s recommended, in particular for their latest one which was Obama’s final interview as President. Really interesting listen


Big fan of Gary Younge. He published a really interesting book about Martin Luther King a few years back



He’s great, isn’t he? I find his writing style really accessible and simple but at the same time detailed and engaging. Always thought that was a skill. He’s a great orator, i’ve seen him on programmes about Civil Rights-era America and boxing lately (course the two subjects are intrinsically linked) and he was superb.