Obamappreciation thread


God I love that man. Put your Obama love in here, let’s remember the good times.


Yeah, he’s always seemed like a great bunch of lad.

Oh well, onwards and upwards!


Michelle > Barack

Got a lot of affection for them both however despite the fact that he’s ultimately been something of a disappointment


Was so happy when he closed Gitmo.



Almost ridiculous how charismatic I find him, I’d like to meet him more than pretty much anyone I can think of.


he’s a human being… but probably the best president ever.


Remember when he kicked all those Russian diplomats out the country and sent us (further) on the way to WWIII? That was good.










I mean he’s obviously a total dude, especially on a human level (as much I can say that without meeting him), but I’m wary of easy hagiography.


He’s been hamstrung for a lot of his time in office, and the increase in stuff like drone use is a massive blight. But yeah, he’s a pretty remarkable bloke. Can’t think of another president who’s served 2 terms and would’ve won a third at a canter had they been allowed to run.



shady as fuck obviously, but better than the two presidents either side of him.


Always invited round to Twentynine Towers for a brewski :beers:


Best public speaker of my lifetime

coolest dude in power

still, unprecedented mass surveillance & continued droning of civilians &tc

can’t have everything I suppose, there’s only so much elbow room inside the American machine

Also of the mind that Michelle would make the better President/Leader though

love him for this though;

Cheers Obama, maybe President Kanye will make you a Supreme Court judge in the future


the time he began to sing in a church


His legacy is definitely a complex one - he’s done some fantastic things and some horrendous things, and with such a hostile and immobile Congress.

But ultimately I think he is just a thoroughly decent man who tried to do so much to be inclusive and idealistic against so much opposition. I think the amount he did to appeal to common decency will become even more apparent when contrasted with Trump the cartoon.