Objectively speaking, which of the home nations has the best/worst emblem

as depicted on the new £1 coin?

I’d say that it goes Thistle, Shamrock, Rose, Leek.

leek is clearly a ridiculous emblem, and thistles are stingy unpleasant bastards. so both emblems are actually very representative of their respective people.



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Dunno why it’s always a leek on these things for us rather than a daffodil, which is at least a flower.

Actually, they’re all a bit rubbish, aren’t they. The animal ones are better (dragon/lion/leopards/and, um, a harp).


I find it staggering that you’ve not held the coin the right way up for this photo.


Thinly veiled “I’ve got a new pound coin” thread.

Yeah, the dragon’s awesome. Reckon it should just be a big picture of Gareth Bale’s head, Mt Rushmore style. Rose, thistle, shamrock, grinning Gorillaz character - sorted.

Interesting they’ve gone shamrock for us this time, normally they go flax for the north. Which is diplomatic but boring.

Isn’t it because some Home Counties school kid designed it, with all the political subtlety you’d expect?

(I speak as someone who was a Home Counties schoolboy, and pig ignorant about basically everything until I left home - arguably still am now)

Dunno tbh. Shamrock is better, nobody knows what flax looks like

Well yeah, I would have had a hard time figuring it out. Like I said, ignorant!

What are you nerds all talking about



I wonder how far up the decision to choose this emblem went. it’s probably the most anyone at that level of government has thought about Northern Ireland in years


Never seen one of these before, fucking hell they’re ugly. Why do the emblems extend out into the gold outside, that just looks like they started drawing too big and ran out of space. Also why is it kind of round but not?

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To stop forgeries, which was a big problem with the old round one.

Both so that they’re really hard to fake.

Cornish pasty

I can’t think of a crime that bothers me (and I reckon probably the majority of the population) less than someone knocking off pound coins…

Nah it bothers me because when you get one in your change you then have to try to sneak it past someone else.