Objects of joy

Almost positive I’ve done this thread before, maybe even this year. Oh well!

Post photos of objects in your home that bring you joy.

Going to bombard you with pottery asap…

Here we go

Last one there is a chunk of a broken William Mitchell



Me and my wife bought this on our first anniversary, on a road trip through Bruges. A cute little paint splattered puppy moulded out of some kind of plastic.

We put it in a shipping container to Brazil and the port authorities literally smashed him open to make sure we weren’t smuggling contraband into Latin America I guess?

I was gutted to pull him out of the box in pieces but we put him back together with glue and now he’s ok again.

Earlier this year we adopted a street puppy who died within 6 weeks. He was put down at the vets and the vet gave me his little collar after which I was carrying around for ages not knowing that to do with (i was too sad to just bin it) and one day had a moment of inspiration and put it on the plastic dog. So now this statue is a little memorial to him.

Next time we move, he’s travelling in my suitcase.


Thanks for coming to my inventory taking session.

Please let me see your happy objects.


Omg this is the cutest :heart_eyes::sob:



Oh hello! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He’s as old as me (almost!). My mum saw him in Boots and bought him for my gran as a present for helping to look after me. Absolutely had to claim him.


Are they currently hiding any biscuits?

Just dust I’m afraid :joy: Needs a good clean tbh

Ohhh I have so much for this thread when I get home! Silly trinkets and keepsakes on every surface.

I held back on posting a few (like my favourite stones!)

Love seeing other people’s. Please flood the thread with trinkets

We call him Alan for some reason


Dog was obsessed with stones for a while, especially when he realised you could dig them up. He used to bring them home so we have bags of stones we are going to have sneak back into the park at some point.

This is a giant one he made me bring back, weighs a ton.




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i think i live like one of those cryptobro type people by accident - have like no ornaments and objects of joy. my walls are barren. very few keepsakes.

just computers and headphones.

thing is, I’d like to have objects of joy and appreciate other people’s objects of joy a lot.


can I interest you in a Bored Ape NFT?


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