Objects of joy

Candle powered boats made of old food cans.

I got the Titanic when I was a very young child at some fair somewhere, because the film had just come out and it was my whole life and I had to have it.

Then found the same guy years later at either Green Man or Glastonbury festival (he goes to both). He makes and sells the boats to fund the restoration of an old water mill. There’s him and another guy sat in their little wagon smoking doobies and listening to boomer rock and having a lovely time. It makes me very calm to see these two little boats and think of them and their restored water mill


Samesies, especially my bedroom which has drawn comments so i need to do something about it.

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I’ve moved so often it makes having objects really tricky. You just get to the point where stuff is hassle and the stuff you do have you want to be really easy to pack.

same. minus the gaming pc and the cat, I think I could fit everything I own into a large suitcase.

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Just realised that I don’t place any importance on the aesthetic or sentimental value of things. Looked around my whole flat and can’t find a single object which had a story or means anything to me. I’ve got ornaments and stuff, but they’re just from Dunhelm. Think I just see the practicality of things, which is fine, but feel a bit jealous seeing everyone else’s cool stuff.



honestly ive got loads of shit everywhere but these are all laid out nicely so theyre the ones youre going to see for now

There’s quite a few in this place - too many to photograph, they’re kind of everywhere you look. Both kids are pretty creative & the tv has even started doing some glassblowing recently as part of her MA

I think my current favourite is the 8yo’s first woodwork effort; mouse & cheese

This good bwoy also brings much joy


I. Want. That. Clock.


My friend bought me this little guy when we were in South Africa for her wedding on 2010. Just so many good memories of that trip attached to him

Love these. Bought in Edinburgh when we were up fir the festival. The money was donated to nuerodiversity charities by the artist.

This is just Smudge, and is an amazing find by my GFs secret santa.


Mine are all just books and photos


This is just going to be you and @Witches posting pictures of cursed artefacts, isn’t it?


It was my nan’s :heart:


Here’s hoping!






Pink coral illustration bought right after wedding

Big lad found in an antique shop just after Christmas on a day out with family

Jade dino friend from a museum day with a pal a couple years back

This painting I got in like 2012 in Barcelona and somehow schlepped all over London for 8 years in and out of various rented places and which my cruel husband hates but we both know the painting will outlive him and have the last laugh


@wasted post all your knick-knack nonsense in here this evening, someone is finally interested in your treasures xx


Think I’m even worse than that in lots of things I have up are just stuff I buy off gumtree and places with the intention to sell because they are bargains.
Like Poole pottery and glassware I am indifferent to….