Obnoxiously friendly packaging (rolling)


I read this as the Museum of Modern Art could stop them.


Sure i could buy a different brand but id still know that their packaging existed.

How is this not satire

Also oat milk is too pricey to have brand loyalty, if it’s on offer and doesn’t go to mulch in my coffee I’m afraid I have to buy it


sorry, Califia have me in a headlock that I can’t get out of

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Oatly have also started selling half litre packs at significantly higher price per volume. I guess that Blackstone money comes with some profitability advisors eh

Also they made a site cataloging their controversies

They seem like a bunch of absolute brewdogs

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the real quiz

better thread title
  • obnoxiously friendly packaging (rolling)
  • wackaging (rolling)
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Calling it wackaging is itself a form of wackaging


PSA £1.50 on Clubcard right now

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wackaging is such a load of cockwomble lol


Sure we could vote Labour but we’d still know the Tories existed.

My tissues have abandoned their art packaging in favour of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sentimentalist bullshit. I shall ponder these aphorisms whilst I blow hay fevery snot from my nose.


Does this extend to websites? The strange pitch car makers are making towards content creators asnif car enable lifestyles that are grammable is wild.

The new Smart 1 (literally had tag one BTW) has a cringe stirs in a class of its own

glad it got bent


Because I couldn’t find a clip for the bit, that I think exists, in Bottom/The Young Ones, where Rik /Ade shouts “Get bent!”…

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the word “smoothie” is right there

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No nasties

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Nø pips or bits