after some excellent EPs and features, looks like he’s gearing up for a debut album proper. One of the most exciting new voices around for me. In terms of his genre mashing style but also his actual vocal, that amazing growl and the higher singing too

single is great

or if you don’t want the music video violence/dialogue to get in the way


His track with Little Simz on her record is one of the high points for me, too. Excited to hear more from him.

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Really dug some of his features over the past couple of years, but don’t remember much about the EP he did. Need to revisit that.

I enjoyed Still Sun and Point and Kill has become a real family favourite, my kids are always asking for it. They know it as Point - but Alexa doesn’t, much to their dismay.

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Not heard the single yet but I really hope it is just Message in a Bottle with one word changed.

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Just heard this. It’s great

another single, more muted soulful sound for him but I think he sticks it, can feel the energy bubbling under. And the outfit with the horned helmet is great. Album announced for 13th May, called Some Nights I Dream of Doors

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really like the slightly unexpected minor bit in the the chorus

Gonna be great at all points east

Got tickets for him at leeds. Looking forward to it immensely