Obscene gig ticket price thread

Thanks for the quick replies!! Agree £17.50 was conspicuously cheap even 10 years ago! Not calling this a rip off or obscene I’ve just genuinely lost track of what is standard pricing now!!

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Nah that’s fair, I open up some tickets and do a double take at them being in the £40-50 range - just not something I was used to with the bands I liked even 4 years back

I saw Metallica in '93 for £17:50 and that felt cheap.

cure for 80 quid plus all “fees”
fuck off (still going)

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when a few festivals got to £300 that felt like a lot

think my first time at Reading festival ticket was ~£120 (no doubt a few people here went when it was about £50) so 2 1/2 times as much as I’d first paid

so £400 for anything seems mad but if it’s a single day/gig? no way I’m paying that


Even if I could afford it I think it would spoil it for me tbh.

I mean I get the idea of something being a one-off special thing etc but I think my personal limit on that is a lot less than £400.


if I was paying over £100 for a single event I’d want to be guaranteed that it’ll be amazing

for a festival it’s fine because I’ll see lots of bands and go on random little adventures but if I was going to a one day gig with a headliner I’m keen on, what if eg. the sound is shit for their set? too risky

I paid about £80 I think for All Points East in 2018 cos I wanted to Bjork, and that turned out to be ok cos she was amazing, obviously, and I saw Flying Lotus 3D which was absolutely superb, best visuals of any gig I’ve ever attended.


Exactly, the more pricey the ticket the more you want a guaranteed result. Which maybe reduces the possibility of happy accidents, surprises, down for whatever etc.

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I was hoping to go to one of the Bjork orchestra shows before they got cancelled. Can’t remember how much they were but I think probably €100 or so. That would have been a big deal for me finance wise but she’s an all time fav artist and it would been part of a special trip etc. Not sure what my limit would have been - €150……hmmm maybe but not sure tbh.

Obviously a festival is a different thing.

I wonder how much the true cost of an opera ticket would be if they didn’t have corporate sponsors/public subsidies etc.

Last 5:

The Scaramanga Six: £8
Therapy?: £25
Shoun Shoun: £8
Young Knives: £14.50
Suede: not sure, someone else bought them, I’d guess around £35

…and in the middle of that was an arena gig which would have cost £50 but I was guestlisted. For various reasons I won’t say what band this was although they’ve been mentioned in this thread.

I’ve stopped paying too much for most bands. Passed up on Arcade Fire this week.

On a seperate note i’ve noticed that actually getting tickets is becoming a much much harder game than before. I find it hard to believe that Seetickets and Ticketmaster cleared their full allowances for Arcade Fire at Manchester Arena in the 4 or 5 seconds it took me to click on them. This is far from the only gig that io’ve had this problem and definitely stinks of something fishy happening behind the schemes

Edit. Obviously loads of tickets went back on sale about 40 minutes after the regular sale if you’re willing to pay an aditional £84 on top of the retail price for a lanyard and a tote, or a few hundred quid on a hotel that Ticket Master pick for you. A very shitty practice that will net Arcade Fire a bit more ££ by seperating their fans into the haves and have nots.


Just looked at Iron Maiden tickets at the local arena dome. Front row seats, on the side, close to the stage…

A Platinum Ticket - $763.00 [+ Fees]

“Platinum Tickets are tickets that are dynamically priced up and down based on demand. Platinum Tickets are not part of VIP packages - they are tickets only.”

Cheap seats (in the rafters and the back) are $79.50 plus fees

No standing tickets left so I cannot compare.

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guessing the fees on that would be… at least $40 if not more?

probs could’ve seen them several times for $40 back in the day

This dynamic pricing is pure shite.
Hope it doesn’t take off here.
For Belfast all Iron Maiden tickets are £55

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Too late.

Those Green Day tickets posted upthread were dynamically priced at £260 a piece.

Can someone eli5 dynamic pricing

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Oh I know it has begun but I’m hoping it is either avoided scrapped or outright banned.

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sort of feel like it’s fair game for those platinum/VIP wanker packages

Tbf, they decided it wasn’t worth the bother for £17.50 a pop

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