Obscure records and forgotten bands that deserve a repress

Beulah’s entire discography

Their best album isn’t even on Spotify anymore ffs


Are you doing indietracks this year?

No, going to a wedding.

Elephant 6 are doing reissues campaign starting with The Gerbils: Beulah is always getting asked about so theres def some hope. The minders, Essex Green etc have had their back catlogs done recently too

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Ooh, thanks for that. Hoping there’s no rights issues left around Coast is Never Clear cos that’s the one I really want.



Ladybug Transistor reissues are out this month too. Seems to be a full on campaign to be fair.
If they do Beulah LPs I hope they do the kickstarter backer ‘handpoured’ vinyl where 100 folks basically get an individualised pressing of the record:


Not super obscure by DiS terms but I would like affordable vinyl reissues of:
The Wrens - The Meadowlands
The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
Sun Kil Moon - April and Tiny Cities


everything released by Score One For Safety

I assume you mean vinyl cos the cd is available on amazon.

Great album.

Hot Cross delivered a BANGER of an album which never really gets spoken about

Nub :heart_eyes:

The Spoken Word thread reminded me that I don’t have ‘My Elixir My Poison’ by Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia on vinyl. Probably the LP that I love the most that I don’t have on LP. In fact given when they were about they totally missed the vinyl renaissance so I don’t think it was ever pressed.


Great shout - and it seems you’re right on there not being a vinyl release.

There’s a whole seam of forgotten British indie rock from around that time that deserves this - stuff you’d see in the Barn at Truck and at a DiS Barfly night. Rock of Travolta and Bullet Union spring immediately to mind as well.

If I had the money to do it and not worry about the money I’d set up a reissue label for this kinda stuff.


Bullet Union were fucking great. Not sure TRoT have quite stood the test of time…

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Wish their stuff was on bandcamp


Not forgotten but obscure I think - always had a soft spot for this Small Houses album. Check it out if you like acoustic folk/Americana.

Ooh, not listened to them in years! I absolutely loved Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand when it came out, and Popular Mechanics too. Will have another listen to the two albums I have.

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The Black Tambourine record.

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I was going to say this got reissued relatively recently but I checked and it was nearly ten years ago now. I’m old.