Obscure records and forgotten bands that deserve a repress

I was going to say this got reissued relatively recently but I checked and it was nearly ten years ago now. I’m old.

Not sure how obscure, or if it was ever pressed to vinyl, but would love a copy of Sinoia Caves - The Enchanter Persuaded https://open.spotify.com/album/674SNfFjySN8uF5V8pbTSk

I’d love to get a copy of Witness - Before the Calm on vinyl.

Spy Versus Spy - the first s/t ep.

Never had a vinyl release yet it seems like once again Subjugation are being bellends with the rights…yet don’t do anything themselves with it. fucking joke.

In a similar vein (Or label at least) Nathaniel Green and Pylon records would be brilliant to own on vinyl

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Which one?

Risk Revival

The Meadowlands is legitimately one of the best indie rock albums ever made.

Urusei Yatsura might fit into this - Scottish rockers. Their best album isn’t on Spotify (but there are decent Peel sessions).They are also hard to Google because they are named after an anime.,

Best song:



That is an absolute banger, for sure. That and the first ep. Never really got into the stuff in-between.

Oh I know :wink:

That second album by My Latest Novel should get a vinyl pressing.
Sarah Records should probably get a 7" box set.

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Add to this list…

Sun Kil Moon - Benji
Frank Ocean - Blonde

Also regret not buying Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits covers record when it was readily available. Going for sily money now.

Excellent band.

Went to see them when I was about 17 cos I really liked the anime.

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Aye have the yellow pressing of Benji so Im lucky enough. All SKM when they were good LPs deserve repressing now that Ghosts has been done. Lucky to have Admiral Fell Promises too.

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My first ever girlfriend made me a mixtape that had them on, I was hooked.

There are quite a few forgotten bands from that era. Symposium were fun too. Seafood (I remember their second album getting a bit of play on MTV2 but that’s about it). I’m assuming you’re a Seafood band because of your name.

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Projekt A-ko (the band with 3/4 of UY) are realising their album digitally soon.

It’d be good if Everybody Loves UY turns up at some point too as they self released that I believe where as Slain by… was Che Records and I guess are long gone.

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Lucky boy! Again, I’m sure I saw it on sale in Monorail when it first came out, recognised the art from people banging on about it online but never bought as I hadn’t listened :man_shrugging:

Still hopeful for a repress.

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Me too. I’m getting old also.

I got into them/her on the reissue. I hadn’t heard of Black Tambourine before.

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Woah. Is this their first album? A record possibly more delayed than the My Vitriol one.

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Pete Paphides has just started a record label called Needle Mythology which is designed to reissue ‘forgotten’ albums on vinyl for the first time (they issue CDs too though). The first two releases are:

Ian Broudie - ‘Tales Told’ (2004)
Stephen Duffy - ‘I Love My Friends’ (1997)