Observations not worthy of their own thread

Lots of muscly men around these days I’ve noticed.

Has there ever been another programme like Game of Thrones where you’re just waiting for certain people to meet up?

I could have sworn I had more.

A feature on Netflix to see how long you’ve spent perusing the different categories compared to how long you’ve actually watched something on there would be slightly interesting.


I’m increasingly of the opinion that any observation is threadworthy


I would like a feature on Netflix akin to ‘I will never watch this’, to streamline your choices a bit going forward. That’d be nice.

Also, Nissan Jukes are officially a girl’s car. Wouldn’t have guessed it at the start, but it’s happened. Up there with the Fiat 500 and Audi TT.


Yes, we know.


Also a rating system that makes any kind of sense would be brilliant too so I don’t have to keep on shifting between IMDB all the time.

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what do you mean witches?

Was looking at a comedy category on Netflix the other day and there were loads of Polish specials from a comedy club in Warsaw. I mean loads. How did that happen?


it just shows percentages that I think relate to what I’ve watched in the past? Like any horror film gets a really high percentage because I obviously quite enjoy the horror genre. Is that how it works?

I don’t know, it might be

I think that’s how it works. It’s a nuts way of working because it recommends shit like My Family to me, and endless comedy specials from appalling stand-ups.

Yep, it’s just a stupid system and is very unhelpful … EXAMPLE —

Netflix gives this a 95% match based on what I’ve watched in the past -

I would never watch this because it only gets 3.7 on IMDB.

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Is Shudder worth subscribing to via Amazon Firestick?

I’m a big horror fan. Looks interesting.

I just cancelled my shudder account because I can’t watch it via my tv yet, I don’t have a firestick or Amazon prime…

Um, I liked it though! Can’t you just trial it for a wee while see if you get much use out of it?

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I’ll give it ago on a free trial. The problem is I’ve got too many subscriptions going on. Netflix, Amazon Prime via a LoveFilm subscription, Mubi as well as the big one which is Sky (with sports but not movies).

you shouldn’t live your life (or netflix viewing) by IMDB scores.

I don’t.

But it is helpful when you’re feeling indecisive.

Oh yeah, me too! That’s why I skimmed down on a few yesterday. I canceled Audible and Shudder. I just wasn’t using either of them as much as I should. I wanted to use Shudder more but until I can use it on more devices it’s a bit pointless :cry:

Any slightly recommendations from Shudder from you?