Obsession Of The Week (OOTW)

I get obsessed with things quite easily. I will eat or drink something until I am SICK of it.

What are you obsessed with this week? It can be anything. TV shows, items of clothing, music etc…

I’m a bit obsessed with this new chilli sauce I bought.

Nicely fishy and spicy.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I need to calm it down really

Last week was The Last Of Us 2

Think i may start nurturing an obsession for bonsai trees. Been looking at getting one.

(I know it’s not the same but have managed to keep 6 house plants alive for about a year now which is a new record so think i can tackle anything)

Watching the internet wizard e-sports. There’s events currently running in parallel in China, North America, Europe and Russia, so basically at any given point in the day there’s a game on to watch and it’s becoming a real struggle to get anything done.

I’ll get bored of it in a few weeks.

My bf decided to get into Bonsai trees so we went and bought him a small bonsai tree and the stuff to feed it and he set a reminder to do the watering and…it died and now we have a stick in a pot and he’s not thought about it since.


Hot sauces, as we’d run out so was scouting for new options

:smiley: this is my fear. Hopefully it’s a nice looking stick? That’s why i’m chosing very carefully, trying to get a nice trunk in case it’s all thats left in 6 months!

These little pickled Brazilian chilli peppers. Putting them on absolutely everything and then madly regretting the next morning (cycle repeats)


Sausages and black garlic ketchup every day for breakfast.


Watching George Clark shows on 4OD, and Super Store.

Milky way magic stars :star_struck:


Schitts Creek.

I reckon I could eat an actual million of these. if I was Scrooge mc duck I would dive into a tower of them rather than money

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Its actually becoming a problem I’ve finished 2 bags since the weekend :grimacing:

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Hope we are all singing the thread title to the tune of defenders of the earth (defenders)


Cobra Kai and watching things in 4K


Is that Ralph? <3

On that note - I have become a bit obsessed with looking at pr shots for The Outsiders recently (and tangentially, watching youtube videos of Swayze dancing)

EDIT: interesting to see that Cruise’s outbursts over the years aren’t from years of being so famous, he was already kicking off back in 1983 when this was made Tom Cruise ‘went ballistic’ over having to share a room during The Outsiders auditions, claims Rob Lowe | The Independent | The Independent

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Yep. You need to watch cobra Kai if you like him :grinning::grinning: