Obviosuly no one worth their salt is on Facebook these days


…but what else aren’t you on?

twitter - nah
insta - nah

don’t really know of any other things not to be on



only on twitter so I can complain to companies as required - having a whinge on social media usually = getting what you want (Thomson holidays seem to be an exception to this)


Not on Instagram, only have Snapchat so my gf can use me to get trophies on it (?)


i’m not even on facebook pal


they’re all fine

all of them


wouldn’t be seen dead on facebook
will happily post on drowned in sound all day though


i’m not on snapchat

but probably on everything else


imagine having facebook


THE REAL WORLD is my Social Network of choice

(I have no friends though)




Vine. Dunno what that’s about really. On most of the others, they’re all fine.


yeah, he’ll be on all of them


Facebook really is a cesspit. Haven’t used it since mid 2013. Have an empty account so I can log in and remember it’s a cesspit every so often.


Always found people who gloat about not being on Facebook really needy. Just follow the people that you like and unfollow the ones you don’t. I mostly use it for creating events or messaging anyway, and it’s great for those things.


I don’t really understand how NOT being on Facebook, literally a platform for attention-seeking neediness, could imply that we’re needy.

I also find it very telling that you feel the need to attack us when we’ve done no more than NOT registering.


I’m on Facebook
I’m barely on Twitter
I’m not on anything else. I don’t even really understand Snapchat


everybody worth their salt is on ello




I’m not on a Persian rug.


Nice, just checked that out.

Cheers for the heads up.