Obvious Lies You Have Been Told You Had to Let Slide

Barber told me that Elon Musk invented Snake the mobile game populated by the Nokia 3310.

Looked into it, first variety of Snake was released in 1976 when Elon was five.

I let it slide, barber seems like a good lad and had a pair off scissors in his hand.


I hope you looked it up as he was cutting your hair.


Queen’s dead.

A CEO who interviewed me the other day told me he gave Jonathan Warburton the idea to do adverts with The Muppets. Really weird lie. Obviously I acted impressed.

I don’t let lies like this slide?? I’d rather go all out with a YOU’RE TALKING BULLSHIT than fall for a ridiculous lie. Sometimes (most times) I have to eat humble pie and go “oh fair enough” when it’s actually true.

You should have said:
“You expect me to believe that mate!?
You’re a fucking muppet mate!

When do I start?”

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A friend of a friend told my friends that his dad owned a yacht. they all thought it was a lie. they turned up to the marina or wherever this yacht was supposed to be, and turned out his dad had rented a yacht for a few days and was in the middle of handing the keys back etc at the time.

great stuff. guy is an absolute plonker too.


had a friend who used to lie a lot.

I remember one time he spent all day talking about how he was going to buy a Nintendo Wii and we should go to the local games shop.

Got there and he was all like “oh they don’t have any what a shame” then I was like “no look there’s one up there behind the counter”, this caused him to pretend to take a phone call from his mum “MUM! what do you mean I can’t buy a Nintendo Wii?!?” and acted like he was all angry about it. Had to let it slide but it was strange behaviour.

Go to school, stay out of trouble, you’ll get a good job and a nice life


Used to work with a guy who would make up outrageous lies to get out early usually involving his kids. One time his eldest son beat up a drug dealer who was outside the school gates and got sent home. Another time his middle kid had tried to steal their car and drove it through their garage door. Always happened at around lunchtime on a Friday.

He also claimed that his wife was head buyer for Dixon’s and would offer people electronics for free which she had been given as samples but they never materialised. He did once bring in a Bose Bluetooth speaker to give as a sales incentive prize. Pretty certain he had just bought it that morning. Made me kind of sad because I didn’t understand why he felt the need to follow through like that.

At a trade show once he left his phone unlocked on the table and someone took the opportunity to look at his photos. He only had one; a plate of baked beans.


Oh fuck, the pathos


Overhead someone at work telling the girl he fancied that there are

60 calories in every grape

I found it very difficult not to react but managed it


Think I posted this before in the colleague thread actually. Oh DiS, I have no secrets

I mean, a lot of people have died and a lot have become eligible to vote since. Technically true

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material change in the circumstances of the unionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Guy at my work got very drunk and started telling some tall tales at the summer “do”

At one point he was claiming to regularly take part in bare Knuckle fighting. He looks like he weighs about 8 stone max. I struggled to believe this story but did not challenge him. Quite looking forward to what he’s going to come out with at the Xmas do on Thursday

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When my mate was 9 he tried to convince me that he and his wouldbe girlfriend had been into a recording studio and had recorded a single. He then put a tape in his ghetto blaster and played “Another Step” by Kim Wilde and Junior - a song we’d both seen together on Top of the Pops about two weeks earlier. I took out the tape and looked at it - it said “Another Step” by Kim Wilde and Junior.

He still maintained it was true. So I just said nothing.


Ach, that one was the second in my lifetime anyway. Even if I was only 2 in 1979.

A guy once told me he’d driven from Nottingham to Manchester in 10 minutes. Same lad also said he could flip a coin and make it land on it’s edge every single time.

Didn’t let it slide though.


Can’t believe he’d undersell it like that