Occupational Hazards


currently having to sift through a bunch of footage of terrorist attacks, dead bodies, animal slaughter and general misery. sigh. :frowning2:

what you got?


forgot how nasty season 4 of Frasier got


Gave myself a moderately bad paper cut earlier.


Just 7 years of helping companies get rich off people being ill


early linkin park something something


My eyes hurt from staring at screens. About as bad as it gets.

Also boredom.


I once got hit by a bottle. It bounced off my back.



Passengers getting aggro about my racist patter.




paper cuts


we’ve had that one.


yeah but my books could have centuries old plagues held within their pages


Both of them are footballers, I believe


just had a frantic hour trying to prepare a visa application - everyone is cross with me because they thought the trip would be cancelled and I haven’t told them that it’s all because I spelled my name wrong on my passort application.


Nice on Davve


I know this isn’t really relevant but it’s what I’ve been shitting it about for a bit. Not even read the OP sorry.


Ironic. Like rain one your wedding day.



I work by a very busy coach station and worry about the air quality