Oct 4th: London Meet Up at DiS' 16th Birthday Party (LME-centric)


To celebrate DiS’ 16th Birthday and to give you all an oppotunity shout at me in person about the new forums, I’ve organised a little event at Miranda (the live music venue beneath the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch) on October 4th.

Have booked Laura-Mary Carter from DiS favourites Blood Red Shoes, my favourite discovery of this year and some ace DJs until 1am. Full details here: Sweet 16: Celebrating 16 Years of Drowned in Sound

It’s only £3 to get in, so you’ve not really got an excuse.

Not on Facebook? Here’s a flyer I threw together (with apologies to any graphic designers):

Tickets on that fancy newfangled Dice app here (or £3 on the door if we don’t sell out in advance): CELEBRATING 16 YEARS OF DROWNED IN SOUND Tickets | From Free | 4 Oct 2016 @ Miranda, Ace Hotel, London | DICE


a tuesday night?!

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I think I can make this.

Sounds good.

6 minutes walk from my house

you can all feel free to bundle into mine afterwards but it’s a tuesday

One of the best nights of the week. No-one really goes out to gigs and stuff apart from stadiums and stuff on Fridays or Saturdays.

This is the first of a monthly series of nights. We might try and do a Sunday afternoon at some point though.


fair do’s.
I’m just dissappointed as i’m in london that week, just not till the friday thouygh

All Sunday afternoons have been booked out by DiS FC. Sorry.


that being said if @Ruffers is going maybe i can swing my dates so i can see that hair irl

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Bit shit that these things are almost always in London, Sean.

pile on

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aww you didnt accept @penoid offer to do the flyer :frowning:

Our 10th Birthday party was in Sheffield, where we hosted DiS nights for years. Alongside DiS nights in Manchester, where we’ve celebrated DiS’ birthday a few times over the years (not as often since In the City). We’ve hosted stages for our birthday in Iceland too, so yeah, totally 100% London-centric.

Yeah, I think Sean should tour it

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Far better for people living in other cities to step up and offer to help run a show - they know the local venues, bands and how to best promote a show in their city, and DiS can do the big banner promotion to get the message out to a wider audience.


I would like to come. I would also like to crash on someone’s floor. I am fully housetrained.

I’ll come for a pint and then run away. I’ve always been slightly anonymous these boards.

Hmm, can’t normally make these events cos, y’know, London, but I might actually be there that Tuesday. Will stick my head round the door if that’s the case.

i’m not actually on facebook (in london)

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