Oct 4th: London Meet Up at DiS' 16th Birthday Party (LME-centric)



sadly i’ve got a hospital appointment, although i’m sure i’ll be greatly missed.


Mate he would never come. Leave it


Finally DiS is legal.


London eh

(I know this has been covered)


Could you re-book this somewhere south of the river please Sean…


It’s the first week of my new job but looks amazing! May have to check it out and only have a pint. Or two.


Let’s have an after party at Wimpy in Lewisham!


You are literally talking my language here Seany…




Possibly are there any decent beers on tap?


I don’t think there are. I’ve only been once to the venue to see Suede earlier this year. An average bar from what I remember but a nice little venue.


Thought I had Meantime last time I was there but it may have been bottled. They definitely had a decent fridge selection.


i might come to this, i mean, i’ll be about




fuckin’ Tuesday man


Tuesday is the new Friday though… also you’ve all had enough warning to have a ‘dentist appointment’ so you can get the morning off of work. C’mon!


It more the getting back late from Loldon. I’ll see what I can wangle, would be nice. Plus a friend of mine works in the Ace hotel.


I know the feeling. I’m always running off to catch my last train at midnight, and then not getting in until gone 1…

The live music will be over by 10, so you can sneak off when the DJs start if needs be. Have a feeling Natalie Bang Bang’s DJ set is going to be worth staying for though!



Yeah I might just try and have a night over somewhere, I would rather leave because I am ready to, than because I have to. (Such a spoiled brat)


discriminates against Windows Phone users! Think of the 1%!

Can you reserve 2 tix on the door for me? :+1: