October 2: The Saturday Thread

Morning everyone :wave:

I’m up early for a delivery of a phone seat. I hope it’s nice :grimacing:

How’s it going? What you up to today?

Sending lots of Saturday morning hugs to all you lovely folk xxx


Hey hey. Currently trying to find diesel. Ain’t happening. Baby slept like crap last night. Awake pretty much every hour. Feel tired now. Want bacon and eggs. Have no bacon. 🤷

Country is a fucking joke


Sorry you’re struggling to find diesel rich, that’s so annoying. I hope you manage to find some bacon xx


Up early for a delivery that has been delayed an hour 🥲
BTS are playing 4 shows in LA next month and even though I know that a) I can’t afford it, b) covid, c) I’ll probably not get tickets anyway and d) I’m a nervous flier (or is it flyer like the paper?), I’m still thinking maybe??? If I contact my californian cousins to find a place to stay?? If I find a cheap flight?? If I try for tickets anyway?? I need to tell my deluded self to stop :raised_hand:


Wait til they next come to the UK and get the DiS army lined up to try to get tickets for you when they go on sale :muscle:t2:


Still so happy and shocked it worked last time, had the best time :sob::purple_heart:


After 45mins of driving around and queuing, I found some. Parker yo in town and getting a nice coffee and bits for a nice breakfast as a treat for that


Morning all.

@rich-t hope you’re ok dude.
@Witches what is a phone seat?

Went to first post covid gig last night… Was awful…checked website said it would be checking vaccine status etc …but nothing…also ended up being a proper student night so was rammed.

We stood at one side out the way but when we wanted to leave we were told the door we entered in was now locked and the only way out was through the packed crowd to other side of venue

Anyway was fuming so managed to get a security guy to escort us out a back door

Not going to gigs again.

Oh, that Scott Orr record is nice :ok_hand:

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Hi stickboy :wave:

This is a phone seat.


People would keep their address book in the drawer/hole the phone on the table and sit down to chat on the phone :blush: I will be putting a plant on it. I will sit on the seat and talk to it.


Fucking pulled a muscle in my leg in my sleep. Shouldn’t have walked home and then not put the heating on when I got in.

Can’t really do the gym now so just gonna chill until I meet a pal to watch the footy at 12

Oh yes I do know these! Lovely!

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Lovely :+1:

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Nice! I was thinking of something like this…which I thought was a bit off brand.


Oo, good. I’m a little bit worried that I didn’t really think this purchase through. I’m quite bad for just seeing something and then panic buying it, especially if it’s a one off vintage thing :laughing:

@Slicky LOL, haha.

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Morning all!

We’re currently watching Descendants 3 because The Child heard one of the songs and likes it. I’m quite enjoying the Power Rangers/ High School Musical vibes.

We’re going to gymnastics this morning and then going to an African community BBQ in an Edinburgh park, where there is currently a 75% chance of rain.

I’m going to a party for my friend’s 50th tonight if I get back in time.

My sis bought something similar a couple of years ago and I was well jealous I didn’t buy it first :grinning:

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Morning all.

Bought a nice sourdough loaf yesterday, so doing some eggs on nice toast for breakfast in a short while.

Going to the Wolves game this afternoon.

Having an as yet unspecified takeaway for dinner tonight.

No plans until tonight when I am going to see John Grant with my sister. How lovely.