October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


I can understand that for sure. I thought it whizzed by personally.


Is everyone excited for Lopez vehicle SECOND ACT?


What a surprise!


The Verge’s review is pretty savage, although…

The film is utterly dissonant, recalling the weird camp of Batman & Robin


I will still be watching this


Well this has irked me ‘and it’s proof that even Marvel doesn’t always get it right’. Is it too much to ask that critics understand the difference between studios?

Oh and I’m kind of glad it’s shit cos I means I don’t end up seeing it and therefore making Sony think that a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man is a good idea.


I cannot believe she is nearly 50


Her and Mariah born in the same year.


Going to a free screening of Lady Bird this arvo. :slight_smile:


& @Antpocalypsenow err lads, Control?


I remember being bored by it


Madness (I do agree with your overall point though)


I thought it was about Joy Division.


Well done mate


watch Upgrade instead. it’s the thinking man’s Venom



Kind of enjoyed A Simple Favour but it seemed seriously uneven in a way that sort of reminded me of Seven Psychopaths and that peculiar mix psychopathy, humour and tragedy. Wasn’t really sure if it makes for a good film but I guess it was entertaining enough?


I saw Skate Kitchen in an entirely empty screen at the Greenwich Odeon last night which was total bliss, made me feel like I was in my own home cinema.

Film was pretty good, looked lovely and the performances were very natural. Could probably play a very quick game of Sundance Movie bingo for some of it (and skateboarding is so very very boring) but I liked it enough.


So much for seeing Columbus, only showing in one London cinema ffs :frowning:


Barbican is showing it, unless that was the one you meant?