October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


Not sure if I’m fully on board with the tone of this but damn, Rockwell does a good Dubya


Yeah, but it’s only one showing a day, none of which I can make this weekend. It is out on DVD next month at least.


Curzon Bloomsbury, too. But yeah, I’ll wait for Cinema Paradiso.


This looks pretty bad, but it’s fun seeing some idiots on the internet getting mad at the presence of Adrian Lester and Gemma Chan




saw Mcqueen then went back and voted for it as june film of the month


Four years late but finally watched Pride and thought it was wonderful. Obviously everything’s been condensed and smoothed over for a mass audience but it is a great story, brilliantly acted and consistently hilarious.

Weird how this guy is the lead actor in it above a bunch of far more recognisable faces and I haven’t seen him in anything else made since then:


He was a pretty major character in underrated fantasy romp Warcraft.


Pride (along with Selma) probably has the most emotional ‘what happened to the characters’ closing captions in a film



A Star is Born is a perfectly fine, well-acted film which has no business winning any major Oscars. In other words, a typical Best Picture winner, am I right guys?!

A few more points:
The Wenger Out flag in one scene is hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen in a film so far this year. Certainly the funniest background thing since WE WILL DEEP-FRY YOUR KEBAB in Infinity War

I’m pretty sure that Sam Elliott (who is great in this obviously) looks the same in this as he did in The Big Lebowski twenty years ago. He probably looks the same as he did fifty years ago.


What’s the music like?


Fine, nothing special but fine. A bit like the film.


Finally got round to watching 20th Century Women. This film is gggrrreeeaaattt


Having finished it (the early post was during a bathroom break, film fans); I will update to: this film was gggrrreeeaaattt


wow, was totally surprised when it came up who was playing cheney there

can obviously see it watching it back, but never would have guessed


I hope Christian Bale never signs up to portray an amputee


Having a sick sofa day and watching To All The Boys … seems like a perfect fit so far.


Venom is silly nonsense which doesn’t follow any of its own rules. Lots of classic tropes ‘for a smart guy you sure are dumb!’, and the action is pure 2004. Tom Hardy’s performance is really weird. Jake-Gyllenhaal-in-Okja weird. No idea what Michelle Williams is doing in it tbh.