October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


This was fine and quite sweet.


Finally rewatched The Dark Knight Rises, enjoyed the good bits and the crap bits I found something else to occupy myself with - hanging up washing, looking at phone, watching football on laptop. Some terrible scripting, dialogue and the storyline is needlessly convoluted yet also dumb as fuck.

Still quite terrible but not the worst overlong blockbuster that I’ve endured.


Posted this over in the horror thread but worth a share here - Cineworld (and maybe other chains) have some classic horror films on this month (if you click the ^ button it previews properly)


Yeah had mixed feelings on this! Like it wasn’t all out bad but it was severely let down by Hardy’s performance which was like you said was just plain odd.

The redeeming features to the film for mewere the motorcycle chase and the final fight against Riotalong with Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate’s performances who tried to make the best with what they were given. Felt bad for Dan also. He seemed like an alright guy.

Not just the action really, the whole film kinda felt like it was plucked straight out of the early 00’s.


Ach I thought both of those scenes were poor, the chase especially. The huge bike jump for no reason, the exploding drones, Hardy’s reactions. The soundtrack goes all RAWK during it to the extent that it felt a bit like a parody.

Between this and Bourne Riz Ahmed is getting a bit stereotyped as the evil corporate guy.


I think I enjoyed it mainly because of this. I was chuckling so hard at the ridiculousness of it all. The HUGE bike jump was sheer Dukes of Hazard but ultimately equated to nothing as the bad guys were still hot on his heels. So dumb.

Ah not seen Jason Bourne so hadn’t seen him in any other role as the evil corporate guy. Which other films has he been cast like that in?


I think Riz Ahmed has the potential to be the new Sean Bean - he’s died in at least four films already


Doesn’t strictly fit that description, but this sort of thing too. Fun to watch but so incredibly dumb and obviously-not-how-it-happened


Damnit, my Cineworld isn’t showing The Fog (my fave Carpenter film grrr)! :slightly_frowning_face: Beetlejuice or Evil Dead it is then!


the scene in The Doors where they write Light My Fire is hilarious

Hoping for some similarly enjoyably terrible moments in the upcoming Queen and Elton John films


I guess these are of a type with what Mark Kermode would refer to as “Chubby, hmmm?” moments (wrt a Karen Carpenter biopic)


by contrast i like how 24 Hour Party People depicted them listening to She’s Lost Control in the car for the first time. maybe the best scene in that movie


Faces Places - I now have a strong desire to drive through France, just lovely and a really ill advised warm up for…

Climax - Holy Hell. Glad it was somewhat more disciplined than Love / Enter the void in that it didn’t outstay it’s welcome by about 45 minutes and overall I really liked it. Felt extremely dirty afterwards like I’d been on a grubby night out, a lot like both Victoria and Mother! Gaspar hasn’t quite grown out of his “what awful thing can I put this woman through now?” phase though alas.


Uh-oh. Audience appearing to float! Flying Elton! Heavy-handed ‘fantasy element’ alert!


I went to an advance showing of First Man last night.

I hadn’t read much about this in advance; and was almost expecting an all-american/stars and stripes/patriotism bonanza.

It’s not like that at all. This is dark, tense and (above all) human. The movie clearly balances the achievements portrayed against the shortcomings of the american space programme, and those involved in it. It is beautifully shot - very claustrophobic at times.

Great movie.


so excited for this. might take my dad to the cinema for once, he loves The Right Stuff, I assume this’ll also be right up his street


I’ve never seen The Right Stuff - just reading up on it now, and I’m going to have to rectify that.

I definitely recommend First Man.


Haven’t been to the cinema in ages. Seeing Tehran Taboo tonight.


Don’t do it James!