October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


am I remembering this right, that cooper puts his finger down gaga’s nose near enough straight after meeting her?
seemed weird creepy in a similar way although obviously nowhere near james bond walking in on woman stranger in the shower.
am I being a prude or was that nosefeel normal/ romantic?




Just saw Sorry to Bother You after a liquid lunch and can confirm that is not the right mindset to watch that film.

  1. He was very drunk
  2. Her hating her nose/him liking it was a recurring theme

So a little weird but fine


I’ve just realised that nose tracing thing she did at the end of the night and the last time they saw each other was imitating him. so it was defo played as a romantic thing rather than invasive drunken thing. maybe the two things can be compatible? I don’t like it, turning that into a romantic talismanic gesture feels sinister


Is this released in the UK now? A few films to look forward to: this, Possum, buncha A24 stuff iirc, El Royale, etc


LFF had it, wider release in December


glad all that horseshit about it not being considered for international release got sorted


The Wild Boys- group of teenage boys, all played by women, who murder their teacher are sent to an exotic island where they eat fruit which change their gender

it’s really great, proper odd




The nose tracing is not weird or creepy. Not in this film because of an earlier scene when Gaga is lying on the bar and her head turns towards Cooper and they lock eyes. That’s the moment. If that had not happened, Cooper would not have touched Gaga’s face and she would not have allowed him to do so.


First Man

It’s bloated (could easily shift 20 mins) but enjoyed it overall. Liked the way Gosling nailed the mannered persona of Armstrong and also how they made Buzz Aldrin out to be a bit of a know it all, would have liked more of that tbh .


It felt like a sci-fi film to me. That may sound stupid, but almost every other American space film felt more celebratory or like an adventure tale. This one really made it feel like all of this was brand new, strange and surreal and damn scary. I had to keep reminding myself that this was “just” about humans because it felt like we could be meeting some alien race at any time.

So big fan of how it was shot and all the silence and poignancy. Was a bit slow and long at times and some of the stuff on earth didn’t land so well, but still good.


There’s no way a film with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s not horrendous.


cannot understand why anyone beyond the obvious target market is going to see that film.


cant decide if Apostle is good or a mess


First Man

I fell asleep. Full 20 minute kip at the end. Woke up to a guy looking at me, was probably snoring.


still too early to do that for me. even though kissing is more intimate, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if they’d have done that. felt like man, especially famous man can do any weird intimate thing to a woman straight away and she’ll simper back kinda vibe.


Watched Rebecca (1940) last night. Massively dug it and that whole sparse gothic atmosphere (remember seeing a play of it when I was a kid at some point) but oh man, I forgot that digging deeper into the background of Hitchcock’s films just reveals how much of a monumental bellend he was to the (female) actors he worked with