October 2018 Politics Thread

Here’s September’s thread:

Off you go!

This was an amusing insight into current Conservative delegate thinking, a spitballing session on what to include in Shaun Bailey’s London mayoral campaign. Some (albeit edited) highlights:

Can’t help but think someone took ‘spitballing’ literally there

Proper ‘yes and ho!’ this lot


Spit-guards will become the new ‘culture war’ dividing line on policing, alongside stop-and-search, I think.

Never go full Farron


Yeah I saw this over the weekend - Owen totally crushed him. Great stuff.

Also, maybe I should start a dedicated Hermeneutics (Rolling) thread, but I’m always intrigued by the notion of Jesus’ sacrifice and its validity as a selfless act when he knew he was the son of god and that he’d be fine in the long run.

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Jesus was the original trust fund kid huh?

Better not start that thread mate, lest we destroy Theology in its entirety.

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Bloody loved doing A-level RE, would’ve done theology at university but couldn’t be fucked with learning ancient Greek.

Yeah if I was going to do that thing that middle class professionals do and do a degree in later life for larks, theology would be up there as an option tbh!

why do they have such limited imaginations

jenkins spitting the dummy out because mother is being disrespected lol


There was a lovely twitter thread from someone at their “why don’t young people like us” session yesterday as well. Judging from most of the comments, they’re not solving that one anytime soon.

My friend sent me the new dictionary entry photo for ‘Bleak’:


A link perchance?

That’s my favourite venue to play penoid tournaments in, if that contributes to the bleakness at all.



Took a bit of digging, but thought it was quite enlightening about the cultural problem they face.

If Tories can’t win more people over “we’ll go out of business as a party”

Says it all really.