October 2018 Politics Thread

Someone get Guinness world records on the phone, we have a new ‘most punchable face’!!!

Just look at that ratbag on the right.

How do you pick one?




You could throw a blind punch into that lot and be happy wherever it landed.


*sack of angry badgers




Something something the tolerant left.

Am I right in thinking that isn’t actually a white power sign, it was all a 4chan wind-up, but twats like Tarquin there keep doing it because they think it’s offensive cos lol nazis?

I don’t get that either, since when has the “OK” sign been a white power thing?


It apparently started as a prank at the beginning of last year, and the far-right have taken it at face value thinking that it winds up liberals.

What it does mean is that it’s unlikely these days that someone on the political right would use it unless they want to signify that they are of the far-right.

It’s only recently been picked up by mainstream media recently though, eg:

Yeah that. It’s not in the same league as a nazi salute (which is a definite threat), it’s the sign of ‘omg i’m owning the libs right now’.

The line about the smug expression that accompanies is spot on - look at the lad’s face as he’s doing it, soooo triggering

Yeah, it’s a ‘hide your power level thing’. The goal is to be as public as possible without being overt.


Ok this is cool. Now I know it’s ok to punch tories.

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Looking forward to another fantastic London Mayoral contest, can’t wait

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I’m not sure how the Tory leadership rules work but I’m pretty sure they’ll lock the conference doors now and the last man/woman standing runs the country.


Yeah definitely. But it’s a troll, getting annoyed about it is what they want, same as all trolling.

Maybe it’s a nazi salute for baby racists too cowardly to come out as full fash; maybe it’s just ‘this is outrageous!!!’. Agree about the use of ambiguity, but it seems less like, say the nazi use of the word ‘socialist’ to get people on board in the 30s, and more just a way to get a reaction.

Are they owning the libs to support fascism, or supporting fascism to own the libs?

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To be fair I think it was him who was on Today this morning and they asked him why he hadn’t written his letter, and his reply was literally something like “yes I really must get round to that sometime.”

I like to think that he was asked that and thought, “oh fuuuuck I forgot I could do that!” and immediately went to his office and hammered it out.


Acknowledged (cheers for the chat). Worrying thing for me is this symbol and outlook spreading from the US to here.

I mean British people doing this :ok_hand: was bad enough before

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dare i say, what they’re doing is actually textbook disinformatskya

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It’s probably both tbf. I imagine their are a fair few idiots who aren’t really white power supporters who do it to trigger those damn snowflake cucks. But ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re white power or white power adjacent. Either one is just different degrees of abhorrent and unconscionable. Fuck 'em all.