October 2018 Politics Thread


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I’m Sassenach gonna tolerate that sort of language, young laddie.


Wasn’t sure whether to put this in here or the Doings thread, but yeah - SNP have done England good and proper, there.

1,000 houses per year in England is insanely bad, though.


Ended the right to buy in Scotland, too. In England, Labour indulged it, and back under the Tories, it’s being extended.

A similar taunt has been used before.

Stark°. But let’s be careful. A voice of reason might question the use of “council housing” instead of “social housing”.

But even then, the record is strong.

Labour MSPs response in parliament: “That’s not the point.”

Here’s his doing:

And Labour’s record is so questionable that, even as a Tory, Jeremy Hunt managed to give Labour a doing of sorts on this topic.

While we’re on a housing tip… the Scottish government has neutralised the bedroom tax, while not having the formal powers to actually abolish it.

°Also stark is the first response to that tweet noting that from 1999, Labour had managed to under-spend the Scottish block grant by £1.5bn because, apparently, Donald Dewar, Henry McLeish and Jack McConnell just couldn’t think of anything to spend it on - so the money was returned to the Treasury at Westminster. The SNP managed to negotiate the release of these funds that were abandoned by Scottish Labour (see paragraph 19 on page 9 here) - unfortunately much of this needed to be spent on PFI debts accumulated by Labour in the first place. :persevere:


Surely the SNP don’t really try to attack the current Labour leadership based on the actions of the New Labour government??


Those figures don’t count the billions spent bringing existing council/social rent housing up to habitable standards though.

Sure, more new builds could have been built, but millions of homes were improved having been left to rot for the previous 20 years. There was a huge backlog.


A few things on this, written as a list cos I’m on a bus;

(1) it’s meaningless to compare against the previous Scottish Labour administration - housing policy wasn’t focused on delivering additional supply, it was about improving existing stock and about enabling private investment through brownfield regeneration. Also there was more market housing being delivered, wage growth was better, and there wasn’t downward pressure on state benefits. All of these things affect demand for social housing.

(2) Scottish councils have long benefitted from being able to borrow against their Housing Revenue Account (HRA), while English councils have not (the PM’s conference speech has promised to lift this after extensive lobbying). I’m not 100% sure when the divergence happened but a cursory reading of this suggests the Scottish rules date back to 2003, ie when Scottish Labour were in charge


(3) None of that takes away that Scotland delivers - per capita - more affordable households than England. And the SNP have made it a central policy platform and made a positive case for housing , which is all good (although, one suspects, out of necessity, as it’s a fully devolved area so one where they actually can affect change).

(3a) similarly on that note, the current focus on new affordable housing is, I think, down to welfare reform and devolution of housing benefit - a smart move.

(4) however they’re still pretty weaksauce elsewhere, particularly for mainstream housing. They’ve put some good mechanisms to support mid market rent, particularly to use it to revive stalled urban schemes, but they really could’ve pushed the planning reform bill further and used it to deliver visionary change. But it’s basically just tinkering.


What’s this in reference to?


Latest Datafolha poll showing Bolsonaro 58% leading Haddad 42% in 2nd round.


esther mcvey interviewed by the bbc said universal credit had public support, because of the general election result, like the general election was a referendum on universal credit and the tories won a majority without losing seats. interviewer missed the tap-in.


IDS on Today this morning said that Universal Credit was a cracking idea, but wouldn’t work unless they put more money into it. Classy bit of handwashing that was.


That IS what he resigned from the Cabinet over though. Or at least why he said he was resigning from the Cabinet.


But it is a bit like a ten-year old explaining how their jelly-powered spaceship works by looking at you like you’re a moron and saying “you just put a jelly engine in it.”


Oh undeniably. But he did resign as a point of protest about it at the time.

Quite like the idea of IDS going “it’d work if you gave it more money”. That’s every attack line from him on Labour economic policy completely closed down then.


You’d think, wouldn’t you.



Following on from this:


I reckon a lot of people want Penny Mordaunt to be PM cause they always show photos of her hair looking great to distract you from her awful politics


lol Shaun Bailey is 47

assumed he was a lot younger based on all the stuff he says