October 2018 Politics Thread

I like to think that he was asked that and thought, “oh fuuuuck I forgot I could do that!” and immediately went to his office and hammered it out.


Acknowledged (cheers for the chat). Worrying thing for me is this symbol and outlook spreading from the US to here.

I mean British people doing this :ok_hand: was bad enough before

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dare i say, what they’re doing is actually textbook disinformatskya

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It’s probably both tbf. I imagine their are a fair few idiots who aren’t really white power supporters who do it to trigger those damn snowflake cucks. But ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re white power or white power adjacent. Either one is just different degrees of abhorrent and unconscionable. Fuck 'em all.


It has just occurred to me that it would be pretty funny if that Lee Nelson prankster man turned up during Theresa May’s speech and did exactly the same joke as last year.


Is there a way they could be both ritually humiliated? Perhaps Brodkin could be taken backstage and given the help he needs afterwards, a la Homer at the U2 concert.


james butler made some great points about tories and their spawn on the latest novara, altho bastani kept interrupting and cutting off the flow. worth a listen anyway. JB was speaking to their cruelty and how their existence is incompatible with human life, how they are an undead monster that only has spite and hate to offer youbg people but young people these days are mostly too smart to fall for it. that mirror front page proves his point quite well imo.

Yeah I think we’re all just awkwardly agreeing here. It’s definitely not just a troll thing but that element exists and the far right is more than happy to have those useful idiots about muddying the waters. There’s no point distinguishing between them - if anyone use these symbols they’re a fucking awful human being and there’s no point exerting any energy distinguishing what flavour of awful they are.


no u r

If the far right comes for the :+1: that might be the thing that finally gets me throwing bricks


May’s obviously attempting a reboot here. As with her original Downing Street speech, as usual I’m not expecting any substance to follow though.

Oh my god


I’ve said this before, but this confirms it - some Tory strategist has decided her dancing is a good thing. People like it.


That didn’t look awkward at all.

I am furious that she has ruined Dancing Queen for me


“Have we had any good bits of press recently we can riff on?”
“Um…well, there was that time everyone felt a bit sorry for her because she dances like a weirdo?”
“Fuck it, let’s use that.”


“Leave 'em burning and then you’re gone”

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Looks like Zonino

a completely farcical human being. Would rather the country was led by a trifle


What a fucking twat!

Fucksake, this Brexit festival is going to last all year