October 2020 Film Thread

Not seen either. Court films are a strange one for me.
I once spent a day being torn to absolute shreds in court (as a witness I should add)

If they’re too realistic they can be a bit stress-inducing and if they’re too fantastical then they can FO,M
Having said that I did quite enjoy that Francis Ford Coppola one with Matt Damon recently so maybe I’m over the whole thing

Koko-Di Koko-Da was the only one I’ve seen from that list. Good film.

Oh yeah I can understand that, they can be intense even without experiencing it.

Try M though, its not a court room drama as you would expect, and that only makes up part of the film

Prince Charles Cinema is re-opening later this month

Watched: 34
Best: Honeyland
Worst: Space Dogs
Most Disappointing: Bill & Ted Face the Music
Most Daft Fun: Daisies

saw 97 films
63 new
best: avatar
worst: miller’s crossing
most surprising: the canyons
most disappointing: citizen kane

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A trailer for a trailer, I’ve seen it all

OK now here’s the actual trailer


Rocks really is as good as it’s been hyped up

The little boy in it is really good

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Thanks for listing these @kiyonemakibi it’s great to have the monthly films back, along with the vote.

I’ll just add ‘Dick Johnson is Dead’ to the list, which is out tomorrow, and directed by Kirsten Johnson (‘Cameraperson’). It’s on Netflix, went down well at Sundance, and the trailer looks great…

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Just saw La Haine, can entirely see why it has the reputation it does. Pretty fucking impactful. The cinematography was a lot more creative than I was expecting too, was much grittier and straightforward in my head - the shot flying over the tops of the building as the DJ was scratching was something else.

Also very impressed with how the cinema laid things out, had markers on all the seats that people were allowed to sit in, super simple


watched Fury tonight after looking at court room dramas (Lang one from 1936) and blimey, what a film. absolutely brilliant.

I’d recommend that, the court room bit is in the last third and isn’t particularly stressful (for reasons I can’t give away due to spoilers)

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you’re a menace to society


it turns out kane isnt the wrestler kane and that is p disappointing tbf


Saw Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Great film.

Also, saw Juliet, Naked on Netflix. Rose Byrne’s British accent is dodgy but oddly works nonetheless. Loved the film. Sort of a Generation X/Slacker film when the protagonists grow up. Really loved it.

citizen kane is the name of the sled


Rocks was really really good even if it made me cry for about ten minutes after it ended :sob: Also really made me miss living in London. Just so much to love about it.