October 2020 Film Thread

Yeah, it’s the concept rather than the twist imho. I think it’s probably a hard sell otherwise?


it’s one of those things where yeah, it’d be absolutely brilliant to stumble upon it on TV one night and be caught unawares by where the film goes - but who stumbles upon films like that these days?

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yeah, I think if people had started watching it expecting a rom com about Harry and Julie then the VHS would have been back in its box and on the way back to Blockbuster before it had hit the half hour mark.

Blood In Blood Out!!!

The front cover of Planet of the Apes shows the Statue of Liberty

Top 4 are all high on my list to eventually watch.

Heard that Days was extremely Slow Cinema™️ even by Tsai Ming-liang standards.

Rocks is one of the best films of the year. The two central performances were incredible and the script/improv all just made it so heartwrenching but utterly believable. TV teaches at a girl’s school in London and said it was spot on too.

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“Is it still raining blood? I hadn’t noticed.”


Yep watched it tonight too. One of the best things I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. I was on the verge of inconsolable weeping for about an hour.


Time is available on Amazon Prime soon I believe!

And yes, Days was extreeeeemely slow. 2 hours long and there were about 20 shots in total. It absolutely works though, and it’s a pretty devastating film once you latch onto it

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Rear Window was the first Hitchcock that’s truly grabbed me. Loved the lighting, the set design and the depth, how the group starts to band together later on, when it seemed initially like he was just paranoid and had a good laugh at the ending zoom out to show the double broken legs. Got a lot out of it, when I often appreciate Hitchcock rather than enjoy him


The Long Goodbye was fucking brilliant. All those Chandler plots have kind of merged into one in my brain so I couldn’t remember what happened at all and found it really enjoyable.

Could only find a DVD rip of Los Angeles Plays Itself but think I’ll give that a watch tonight.

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2020 is the first time in a fair few years I haven’t been to Taiwan, so I’m actually down for some semi long static scenic shots to help transport me back. :blush:

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Oh it will definitely achieve that

Is this on any streaming at the mo? Been meaning to rewatch.

NowTV I think it was, with a few bonus drops in resolution dotted throughout!

Films i watched over the weekend:
Personal History of David Copperfield - nice enough wee film although considering the talent involved felt a bit lightweight.
The Invisible Man - pretty boring really.
Inheritance - absolute pish. simon pegg totally unconvincing as a bad guy.

Watching Taxi Driver for the second time ever. I’m enjoying how it could almost be a rom com in the opening bit

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