October 2021 Film News/Trailer chat thread

1st October
Next Door
Freshman Year (aka Shithouse)
The Guilty (Netflix)
Diana: The Musical (Netflix)

8th October
The Addams Family 2
My Little Sister

15th October
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
The Beta Test
Halloween Kills
The Last Duel
Never Gonna Snow Again

21st October

22nd October
The French Dispatch
Dear Evan Hansen

29th October
Last Night in Soho
The Nowhere Inn
Army of Thieves (Netflix)

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Oh had thought The Nowhere Inn was already out when the album dropped, strange

Why would you recut this, it is a perfect film?

(Just read he cut the robot out! A disgrace. Signed, Disgusted of Edinburgh)


Gaspar Noe’s latest film (just premiered at the New York Film Festival) is basically him doing Amour - sure to be the feelgood film of the year!


Looking forward to this, Xan Brooks was a fan when it screened in Cannes (Vortex review – Gaspar Noé’s latest goes gentle, for once, into the night | Cannes 2021 | The Guardian)

Looking at the box office for Venom 2 on its opening weekend in the US and people clearly really love Tom Hardy talking to himself and doing a variation on his Bane voice huh


And also paying for films they know won’t be on home release within about three weeks.

(Free Guy is already on Disney+??!???)

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Yeah, there is that too - I think Disney are now doing a 50 day theatrical window for their films or something, hence Free Guy now being on VOD. You just know Denis Villenueve is noting that Venom box office for when he inevitably sues WB for screwing his film over (still crazy that they’re not reconsidering putting Dune or The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max on the day of cinema release )

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Kermode podcast chat


I get the people who take issue with them or find the in-jokes annoying or cloying, but just finished listening to Friday’s show. It closed with an email from a listener whose husband had recently, suddenly died, and they were both very long-term listeners of the show. Having a fanbase who’ll write in to talk about that sort of stuff, ask for a farewell from the show, drop a couple of references into such a difficult message, and listening to Simon tear up on air trying to read it all out … pretty pretty powerful, not sure you get that from many other media podcasts. Made me well up a little too

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Do a lot of people take issue with them normally? I think for such a long running show, they’re quite good with the in-jokes - only part way those this week’s one but Mayo explained an old in-joke during the show for people out of the loop. I can see why people might take issue with some of the substitutes they have on but wasn’t aware people might take against Mayo and Kermode. Did like Simon having a bit of a go at Kermode as well for not catching up on films in the top 10

yeah from previous chats on here i’m sure it comes across as smug/insular to some people

hmm strange, I wouldn’t have thought that at all

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Looks great. Sean Baker has to be one of the best American indie directors around right now.

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Yeah looking forward to it, though the poster’s bloody awful

Haha yeah I just sent it over to someone and felt an immediate pang of embarassment when that sprung up

not sure I love the trailer, but feels like a classic example of something that has elements of what I love but just presented weirdly

obviously trust SB though, and can see this being great