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Who is secretly enjoying the chance to show some Blitz spirit?

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(public poll so it won’t be so secret anymore)

Hello Ravens! I know this is a rolling thread and all but just thought I’d point out that it is Menless Monday today…

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Argh :frowning: I had completely missed that, all apologies.

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Wasn’t expecting that ending


fully done by this


Any excuse


Its funny but pls stop giving that cunt money guys

He doesnt give a shit and it just keeps him in business


This was to Aidan and Brian, not you guys btw

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BBC News - Covid: UK start to pandemic worst public health failure ever, MPs say

Can’t wait for the Tory bounce in the polls this provides.


Nobody sensible would listen to what Jeremy ‘the country/NHS was poorly prepared for a pandemic, this had nothing to do with me’ Hunt has to say anyway

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They’re doubling down on the ‘We followed the scientific advice at the time’. Expect them to be outright attacking scientists by the end of the day.

The report itself criticises the government for not questioning the scientists enough, which, given the policies enacted, I find a barely credible conclusion:


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We listened to the Behavioural scientists. Bloody experts.

147 page document, sick pay mentioned once. Still it’ll start another pointless debate about ‘we should have locked down a week earlier!’ and that’s the main thing

Surely Gove and his lack of time for experts would have been useful here?

Sunak really hasn’t learned anything from 2008 has he

Raising taxes and cutting public spending during a time of low growth and rising inflation :clown_face:

Just waiting for the BOE to say they’re raising interest rates now.

Criminally overlooked Gabriel Garcia Marquez sequel.


Tories +5 I give up.


Yeah. The perception is something like this:

Tories don’t want to raise taxes so when they do it must be for a jolly good reason and who are we to question our rulers? But Labour raising taxes is like Fred from down the road being jealous of how well you’re doing and wants to take you down a peg, because that’s exactly what you’d do to him.