October 5th

Share stories of your challenges and successes here please.

Going to Middleton for a meeting. Makes perfect sense spending 3 hours travelling for a 45 minute meeting ofc. Of. Course.

Morning, heading back to Glasgow later.

Applying for a job I actually want and would be slightly more money and hopefully easier job. Though it’s the first one I’ve applied for that uses the STAR format for different competencies so don’t have stuff ready to go which is a bit annoying.

Off to see ‘Stop Making Sense’ tonight. Might torture myself in the hours beforehand by listening to Adam B/Mr. Piano’s Mixcloud.

Formally Known As Mr Piano and DJ Whizz, Majestic M, Laidback West Plus many other guises.

“Laidback West Plus”

This post paid for by PROF$.



In laws have just dropped the hyperactive puppy off, as they’re away for the weekend.

Thankfully I’m off to work in about an hour, so don’t have to deal with the chaos.


Alright? Tired as normal, at least eldest cheekster went to bed properly last night and slept through. Phew.

Going to see The Xcerts tonight in that London town, if the trains aren’t totally fucked. Looking promising, although one of the late ones coming home as already been cancelled. Just want the gig to be done by half 10, so I can be back home by half 11, is that too much to ask?

work, rush out to buy presents I didn’t get at the weekend for reasons

then a film and dinner for dad’s (delayed) birthday, which will be nice. If the sideways rain could stay away


Feeling really rough - did a Covid test and it’s negative but that expired at the end of May so who knows shrug :woman_shrugging:

Logged onto work to call in sick but changed my mind when I saw most of the rest of my team are out, guess I’ll soldier on , would have just been bored anyway

Made some porridge

Oi oi


Feeling a bit better than yesterday, but I still fully stand behind my T’plauder post so clearly something is still wrong. Got a big weekend planned so fingers crossed I’ll be better by then!


The gf stayed over last night and we spoke a lot about our feelings which was nice, so I’m feeling good.

On my way to work now. Meeting a pal afterwards for a few pints and something to eat.

Too good to be true, as it stands.


well this is lovely


i really need a haircut, but am worried that what i want to do with it will look daft. mind you it looks daft as it is now, so swings and roundabouts i guess?

absolutely done. with an opening word by Cultural James Courage.

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Rang in sick (well, sent a WhatsApp message) this morning. Terrrrrible night of no sleep. Soldiered through it the last couple of days but I thought ‘fuck it’ today.

Just welded to the settee. Have a cup of coffee. No plans, no distractions

Hello all :wave:

Been having a stinky mental health week, but did go out for tea last night with friends we haven’t seen since March, was very nice.

It’s our minus one year wedding anniversary today :partying_face: (as in we’re getting married one year from today). So on my dinner break I have instalments to pay for the venue and the dresses. Which will probably make me feel productive.

If I can get some tasks done today I’ll hopefully start to feel better. I’ve let the house become and tip and got washing piling up which is definitely making me feel worse. Audiobook and whizz around cleaning this evening and I’ll be ok.

I am also now “on the gram” as I think the kids say. DM me if u wanna be moots

Hope u all having a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Some current variants are taking a while to show up. My friend has symptoms for 5 days before they tested positive.

:smiley: what a concept

does this mean you have to steal paper from each other?

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Oh no! I have some tests at home, I can check the dates and let you know.