October Football Thread: Get Your Rulers Out

Easy to concentrate on a honest officiating error by two lads who must’ve had jet lag after a beano at Sheikh Mansour’s palace midweek, but let’s not forget that Man United got detrousered at home again…

What is this all about then

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Some Journalists going to give him a poster of the Fonze next week aren’t they :neutral_face:

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Ayyyyyy mate it’ll say.

Went to the FC Utrecht game yesterday. Fucking rubbish. Almost made me wish I was sat on here for 7 hours trawling the archives to see all the times Liverpool have been wronged in a decade



The roof’s as leaky as their defence!


Edit: nvm

They honestly believe that the refs have cheated them out of several titles…


I know twitter is obviously a bin fire and amplifies all the terrible aspects of football but anyone else read that and think 4 examples in 10 years isn’t that bad??


I’d probably disagree with that, because those are four shouts from one particular fanbase, but for me it’s more that people see these things in too simplistic terms, and assume that one decision going the other way wouldn’t have impacted on not only everything else that happens within that game, but other games thereafter.

And some shouts are just worse than others. The one top left there, as an example, shows a single frame of one of the league’s quickest players running past a retreating defender, from a season which predates VAR. Something like that is well within the margins of acceptable human error, whereas I’d argue the bottom two probably aren’t.

But every supporter of every big club could give you examples of where their side has apparently been hard done by. I could harp on about that Rashford offside last season, or the borderline handball against Spurs which cost us a European Cup, or the dodgy disallowed goal at Anfield last year, but I don’t, because I’m a man of integrity.

Liverpool still equalised a bit later, don’t feel like the offside cockup affected the final score really. Also if VAR didn’t exist it still would’ve been disallowed as the initial call was for offside. The worst thing was the ref trying to give everyone on the pitch a yellow card. Cheers.

Yeah every fan base has a list of them they could rattle off, and every fan base could argue “we finished 2 points off top 4” or “we were relegated by a point” or whatever else at the end of the season.
Fans need to try and move away from the “conspiracy/bought the ref/X club paid the league” stuff because it’s a) pathetic b) easily dismissed when there are genuine criticisms of VAR etc that we’d all benefit from following up on

Shit it’s October already

Feast of football ahead of us today

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  • Leicester
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  • Notts Forest
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OR fans of big six clubs can stfu about any conspiracy against them because the lot of them get decisions in their favour against smaller clubs every week.

VAR needs gone regardless


Yeah was talking particularly about top 6 fans there really.

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Me mams season ticket seat has been moved and she’s sat down there this season. Grim.

The organised conspiracy stuff is nonsense, but one of the reasons the PGMOL is an absolute danger is that its culture effectively harbours and reinforces bias. I remember the Guardian did a fluff piece on refs a few months ago that talked about them getting together and watching videos of “known” divers to prep for thr weekend, and it was framed (and I vaguely recall received here) as sympathetic, when setting yourself to see certain things and make certain calls is really evidently shit practice. The PGMOL’s position is that officials are technicians simply enforcing rules, it has long been hostile to any acknowledgement that before that they are people and bias is natural and unavoidable. It’s part of why VAR should be used only as it was originally intended (things the ref literally didn’t see).


stuff like this:

  • has enhanced my experience watching football
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  • has made the experience worse
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