October politics thread - counting down to doom in weeks and days

My pal who works there often buys reduced or over-ordered stock for the food bank box so other people might do that.


My Ed Miliband story is he once offered my friend half of his sandwiches when they shared a bench one lunchtime on Hampstead Heath


Jez’s favourite episode would obviously be Last Exit to Springfield


everybody knows Ed Miliband except me :frowning:

ah sorry, I feel bad for you too then :frowning:

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what do you get if you clone Ed Miliband 1000 times?

Ed Billiband



She was, and I did say hello! I was going to vote for her anyway, but it’s good to know that she seems decent.

Ed Billiband should not exist


When I worked at the co op full time my hands were permanently cold, especially when doing the chilled/frozen stuff in winter which took about four hours every other day. They never offered anyone gloves or anything, weird that I just accepted it.

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Easily the most stressful job I’ve ever had thinking about it. More stressful than the call centres, wayyy worse and harder than my current, much much better paid job.

£6.20 an hour for all that


very enjoyable!

that’s really crazy and saddening that working at coop could be worse than call centre work which is just abuse non stop surely

Hmm I’d say that while the co op was more stressful, the call centre jobs had a much worse effect on my mental health. After a shift at the co op I was physically exhausted, but at the end of a call centre shift I just felt empty.


yeah, similarly I didn’t mind warehouse work even though it was really tiring as mostly people left you alone to build the boxes and put stuff in them, office work getting shouted at by Tory clients was much more damaging

have some good memories of listening to Sophtware Slump and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on an old ASDA MP3 player during warehouse shifts, crazy that they let me get away with wearing headphones but there you go


Big fan of that post.

Working in a public sector office solves that problem a bit. Ultimately I don’t mind sitting at a desk writing emails, doing an excel spreadsheet and sending it to someone, sitting in meetings and giving my opinion every now and then.

Favourite job though was working at reception in my uni halls. Everyone went away in summer but they still staffed the reception 24/7. Just brought my laptop in and did exactly what I would’ve done at home, but just sat behind a desk instead. Loved it.


do people still call other people in offices? I would do 50% extra work a day if I could avoid ever having to speak to somebody on the phone

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people can sense if you’re an anxious person on the phone and trap you into promising to sort stuff/look into stuff for them

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Yeah I take a few calls a day, but I guess it depends what area of the business you work in. We have skype for business so you could probably just set your status to away and ignore it.