October politics thread - counting down to doom in weeks and days

Thanks mate, bit gutted it’s gonna get lost in the jump to the new thread :frowning:

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plenty of opportunity for you to join in there too no doubt :slight_smile:

Hey ho, ramble that sort of touches on this, sorry. TL;DR etc.

Is Middle-class still seen as a bad thing? It certainly was in the 90s. So many people I was at university with would support that idea that the likes of Macca or Noel Gallagher were still working class, and would say they were working class and I always felt like, “But you’re going to walk out of here with a degree and get a white collar job” (he this was the mid-90s when that was still true) so are you actually working class now?

I had that otherness as a kid in the 80s. Mum was on the dole then earned bugger all as a receptionist and my stepdad was a gardener. We lived in shared condemned houses until we were able to get a Co-Op flat and I wore a lot of charity shop clothes. But my dad had been to (and been chucked out of university) and his side of the family were definitely upper middle-class even though his jobs tended to be things like postman or working in book shops. Anyway, the point is that I was considered posh by the kids in school. I didn’t drop my Ts on the ends of words due to mum’s Scottish accent and I guess there was a fundamental thing that my parents and family all assumed I would go to university, that was a given, so I had that aspirational thing drilled into me. So I wasn’t like the working class kids at school, even though we had as little as them. It was very odd and tribal somehow. My best mate’s family were all working class too but highly intellectual, properly full turned on politically, so again, she was quite ostracised because she also spoke properly.

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PotW please @JaguarPirate

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Sooooo, it’s November and we’re still in the EU then

if ever a reply could miss the point of the post it was replying to more, I’d like to see it

Fair enough. Apologies to @Rarity

and what about everyone else who read it?

Brexitcast (shit) had a clip of the Little Britain Brexit show (obv shit) and sorry to say it lads but they’ve nicked the Joris Bohnson meme off us/that lad in stoke so that in joke is now CANCELLED.


Liked the teenager shouting about Marxism.

saw one of my #libdemmates make this joke on facebook yesterday.

its over.

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Big jack renshaw energy

Standard disclaimer: I hate all of yous :smiley:

Awww leave Theo alone.

@1101010 I enjoyed reading your comment if that means anything

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Hah hah, don’t worry Bam but thanks.

Guys shouldn’t this be locked down and a November one started?

can comrade Rarity start it plzzz

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