October politics thread - counting down to doom in weeks and days

only a Tory would use this phrase


How do you use a wind turbine to pull the skin off a rice pudding anyway?






In fact Johnson himself used it in 2013.

Johnson recycling his old speeches? Tell me it aint so!

oh yeah, their work is pretty astonishing. proper fucked up by brexit too, they’ve lost loads of staff and EU funding is a bit shaky. (the old director lectured me on electromagnetism - loads of researchers here work on it and similar experiments too) (also just looked it up - they’ve maxed at 67%)

What does he mean when he is aiming to put Corbyn figuratively into orbit? Don’t things in oribt tend to stick around?

Imagine Corbyn in orbit, our benevolent socialist in the stars, serenely watching over us and guiding our lives :star2::star2::star2:


oh right. well. people mean different things when they talk about “efficiency”, but generally its “how much of the theoretical energy production are you actually producing?”. So for a coal power station, you put in x amount of coal which has y amount of stored energy in it, and you get z out. z is usually around 50-60% of y I think.
For wind turbines, y is a bit different, its not “how much wind is there” but “how much is this machine capable of producing theoretically if it was going full out 100% of the time”. And z usually is around 30-40% of y, but you’re not losing any wind energy in the sense that you are with coal.
I dont know anything about how fusion works to understand what that efficiency figure actually means…? In fact I admit that I thought fusion was just a thing professors and New Scientist journalists chatted about.

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Joris attacking the suppliers of the “cocaine habits of the bourgeoisie” while continuing to employ Gove is it?

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after another quick google it looks like this is broadly accurate

yeah, in this case it’s energy out / energy in. you gotta put energy in to fuse stuff, then release the stored energy, same as coal really. don’t remember very much of this stuff tbh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusion_energy_gain_factor


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Has anybody else mentioned this looks like a really weird penis?


is that not what they’re supposed to look like? :anguished:

reading that and seeing the cursed conference pic immediately brought this to mind

Quite something in your set piece conference speech, where you’re trying to suggest you’ve got the right ideas for the country to say “And yeah, I was wrong about that”

Maybe? Should have said Large Intestine and saved the penis comment for a filth thread.