October spooky Politics thread

Remember when ‘hard Brexit’ just meant ‘not in the single market anymore’, then it meant ‘not in the customs union’ - some kind of deliberate, orderly, albeit shit, thing

What we’re looking at is ‘crashing out’, ‘going over the cliff’, ‘punching ourselves in the nads while saying that’s what we wanted, actually’. What all of Vote LEave et al said would never happen because we hold all the cards etc


Should have started shooting things, would have made it legal


This is why I think Labour were maybe screwed in 2019 whatever their Brexit position, any sort of softer Brexit stance would have had the media going ‘LOL that’s not REAL Brexit, only the Tories can give us that!’ and hammering that message repeatedly.

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This is what it’s going to be the press catching people doing illegal covid things. Stanley not wearing a mask in a shop, Jeremy eating with EIGHT other people. Hope they get Prince Andrew for not scanning a qr code at Pizza Express.

Yeah absolutely - it’s one of those classic Tory policies that Labour can’t credibly claim to do better (at least not in a way the press would go for), just like immigration mugs. If you really want spite and xenophobia you already know who you’re voting for

Yikes at a “friend” selling the picture to something like The Sun tbh

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And it turns out that it was a group of six until two others arrived unexpectedly.

tbfffffff as much as i don’t think corbyn being fined should be headline news, and it’s obviously being played as a distraction: nah. what he just had a couple doorsteppers holding wine without warning? nope. send em home. come on.



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He is gagging to get back involved.

I don’t think he was the host.

oh fine then. it’s no excuse for the hosts, but jezza cannae be had for that

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Wonderful, wonderful song.

not the brightest thing he’s ever done, is it?

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Nah it’s pretty silly not least because he’s an MP, but he was fined, and I’ve done much worse so :man_shrugging:

and yet not the silliest either


One for the Out of Context Thread, there…



“If in doubt, remember the government rule: just send them home”

The whole thing is just the biggest shakedown this country’s ever seen, isn’t it. Complete scam run by genuinely psychopathic hedgefund managers.

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Reckon Starmer coming out against 10pm pubs shutting is a good move. Think despite all the shit this government has done, making pubs shut early is one thing that seems to be upsetting some of that constant 40% of people polling Tory, so makes sense to be seen to be against that.