Odd Pop Culture References in Songs

Can you think of any striking, surprising or non sequitur pop culture references in songs?

“Hannah Montana, does the African savannah” in Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Higgs Boson Blues strikes me every time .

Junkie by James and Melmac by The Cribs both reference Pokémon.

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Standing at a Swedish festival discussing Story Of The Eye


Not that surprising but turning tables round in marks and Spencer springs to mind by b&s

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Not in a song as such, but the Weyes Blood album Titanic Rising seems to be a reference to a subplot in the podcasr-turned-tv-series Homecoming.

Fall song about a Susan Kennedy plotline from Neighbours

Fall song about a character from Gossip Girl


presume hmhb are excluded from this


Several song titles on Highly Refined Pirates by Minus the Bear are quotes from Starship Troopers

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Also ‘but you read in a book that you got free in Boots’

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'He remembers all the punks and the hippies too, and he remembers Roxy Music in ‘72’.

‘I’d rather be in Tokyo, I’d rather listen to Thin Lizzy-oh’


Should prob exclude MF Doom as well

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Don’t :grimacing:


Yeah I wasnt sure if that was a good idea when i posted it tbh

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I suppose it’s pretty much in his wheelhouse as far as content goes (and I’m sure THS were on the soundtrack somewhere), but I was a little surprised when Craig Finn’s first solo album was named in reference to Friday Night Lights

Always thought the Ben Folds reference in Counting Crows’ “Monkey” was a bit interesting given that it predated Whatever and Ever Amen.

I’ll allow it!


More Fall:

“If I ever end up like Ian McShane slit my throat with a kitchen tool”

“That Steve Albini, he’s in collusion with Virgin Trains against me”

“Pierce Brosnan, how dare you prescribe, sad grief and bed wet pills”


Loads of Los Campesinos ones, such as:

You asked if I’d be anyone from history
Fact or fiction, dead or alive
I said, "I’d be Tony Cascarino, circa 1995

People laugh, they will call it folly
But we connected like a Yeboah volley

Béla Guttmann of love
Curse all my exes to a life of celibacy


I’ve always really loved the vagueness of the line in Nothing Really Ends by dEUS that reads:

Don’t say goodbye
Let accusations fly
Like in that movie
You know the one where Martin Sheen
Waves his arm to the girl on the street