Odd Pop Culture References in Songs

“Waterboard me with ‘Call Me Maybe’
Looping on an endless repeat”

From Pink Wonton by Man Man.

Los Campesinos! are the best band to have ever written about football. Some of it is quite impenetrable:

“I proofread the book of Job for the Lord, edit 1: League Cup 2004” which is a reference to former Middlesbrough carthorse Joseph Desire-Job.

Don’t make me post more Fall songs

That Snow Patrol song that references Sufjan Stevens

Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson

The fashion shoots weren’t with Courtney and Marilyn, they were the “fakes” who were gonna get their asses kicked by … Gregg

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Ah, see I always assumed everyone was at the fashion shoot and that they were all about to get their asses kicked.

I thought Gregg was a short-arse for some reason, but google tells me he’s 6’5", so he would have a considerable height advantage over all of them, including the 6’1" Manson.

Julia Jacklin starting Small Talk with ‘Zach Braff, you look just like my dad’ is an odd one


You might be right, actually. I couldn’t imagine Hanson being fakes… were they trying to pull the wool over our eyes with the sun kissed jam that is mmmbop? Maybe they promoted a lifestyle they didn’t subscribe to.

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Could have saved a syllable and just said Beck Hansen

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Always wondered how rivers got batshit crazy lines to scan with the music

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It’s because riversisforevergod I guess :wink:


I’ll never mention it again I promise.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

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I came in here to post about Beyonce shouting out Hayou Miyazaki in 6 Inch Heels, but it turns out that she actually says “her Yamasaki”… Which makes far more sense in context.

Always loved New Order b-side ‘Behind Closed Doors’.
“I check upon the scores/And listen to The Corrs/Behind Closed Doors.”

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The Rozwell Kid album from 2017 is chock full of these. One of the singles was called UHF on DVD, and that’s actually what it was about (kinda). There’s also a song that ends “I’m on a lightning bolt of cosmic self-expression/I’m listening to Band On The Run and that’s it”. Good album imo.