Odd socks 🧦

Are you an odd sock wearer? Or does the thought fill you full of dread? Personally, I can’t do it. Feels uneven and weird all day if my socks aren’t matching. AMNP (always matching never plain) is a good rule imo.

  • No no no no no, always matching for me please
  • Sometimes, if I can’t find a pair or it’s laundry day or whatever but mostly matching
  • Pretty much given up on matching socks at this point, odd all the way

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Always get Colin Hunt vibes about pals/colleagues who purposefully wear odd socks.


Yeah this is 100% true.

Pretty much exclusively buy plain black socks but even then I get a bit anxious if circumstances dictate that I have to wear two from different batches.

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I am so against odd socks that I can’t even buy packs of all identical socks, because then how will I pair them back up into their original pairs after washing?

Firstly if the pairs aren’t properly matched then they won’t wear out evenly, secondly and most importantly, socks mate for life and if they aren’t with their correct partner the socks will get sad


depends really.

got maybe 20(?) pairs of socks, all black. some have a bit of a pattern on them I’ll match, most are just from the same 5 pack with no pattern so don’t really match.

I don’t quite understand or trust people who wear odd socks. would find it very difficult to think of a situation where I’d have odd socks unless one sock had gone to the great big hole in the sky and the other was fine and worked as a kind of sock ménage à trois with another pair.

that’s just what I believe, mind.


Shouldn’t matter or make a difference but somehow it does

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I absolutely knew you’d be on the right team here. Lovely stuff.

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I like the Steven Wright joke something like:

I sat down next to a pretty girl. She looked at me and said, “Hey, you’ve got odd socks on” I said, “They do match, I go by thickness”

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Usually wear odd socks. If the first two socks I encounter happen to match, I won’t fight it though.

Have a few pairs of purposefully odd socks (each individual sock has a different pattern or design, a Christmas gift). Whilst I appreciate being able to bolster my ridiculously large sock collection, I haven’t worn them once. Socks must be paired.

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Why does this person hate you?

See, I’d be OK with this, I’d just have to mentally assign them into permanent pairs. Then they might look like odd socks but I’d know they’re not and each sock is always being worn with its correct partner

I’m their dad


Nah that’s a reason to buy someone a nice set of matching socks imo. Everyone here wishes you were their dad.

Her Indoors wears odd socks all the time, just picks whichever two come out of the drawer first, and gets exasperated with me for pairing hers when I do the washing. Very chaotic person. What made her like this?

I wouldn’t be able to watch this occur. I’d have to go out for a bit or something and pretend it wasn’t happening.


I was joking. People know I like weird bright socks. I don’t like unmatchable socks

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This 100% applies to me too. #AMNP

Yeah, always wear odd socks. Doesn’t matter. Nobody out of my house sees them because I wear shoes, and people in my house are probably more concerned by numerous other traits of mine than my wearing of odd socks.
Though my mother in law will nearly always comment on my odd socks when she comes over. Kind of annoys me.