Odd sources of inspiration

Whenever I feel like I’m in no fit state to do something that nevertheless needs to be done, I like to think back to this interview between Josh Homme and Matt Sweeney where they’re both off their face but still somehow (no doubt with the aid of some heroic editing) manage to have an articulate and informative discussion.

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Having never been moved to tears by music/film/books, I was surprised when I got all wet eyed while watching the stupid event at the Winter Olympics where they ski around and shoot guns at targets every so often. It was when they were skiing on a flat/slightly uphill bit and it just looked like they were trying SO hard. Sometimes when I’m lacking motivation I think about those weirdos putting so much effort into such a ridiculous sport and it gives me a strangely emotional and slightly amusing push onto the task at hand


The biathlon superstars will be our masters in the depths of winter II

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