Odd things music reminds you of - memories etc

This album

Reminds me of this place in Byfleet, Surrey

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Cos I sat listening to it on my iPod nano for ages while waiting for a burger in 2008


Reminds me of being in the car and we overtook Darren Furse’s family on the North Devon Link Road between Bideford and Barnstaple en route to the regional Young Farmers Pantomime competition circa 1988

Is that the sort of thing you’re after?


Yes, the more inane the better


Reminds me distinctly of buying a ticket at Gillingham railway station on New Years’ Day 2012

I remember looking out onto the High Street from the foyer when the piano keys kick in


There Will Never Be Another Tonight by Bryan Adams reminds me of driving south on the M1 to Meadowhall in about 1993

Being in the Burger King in the middle of Liverpool before they lost 1-0 to West Brom at home in 2012.

Saturday night wigfield - Some terrible bar Playa den Bossa Ibiza 1994 drifting off into the background as i walked to the beach to lose my virginity

Amnesiac still never fails to transport me back to a 24 hour coach journey for a school skiing trip in 2002

This is hugely inappropriate, but I have a vivid memory of being driven to the funeral of my friend’s dad when I was 11 and this was playing in the car.

Bob Marley’s Get Up Stand Up is, for some reason, inseparable from Luigi from Super Mario Bros in my mind.


This takes me right back to being like 20/21. It was always on in my job at the time and would inveriably close out the night at regional night clubs.

Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani takes me back to being on a coach back from a school trip to Oswestry.

The relationship between songs i like and memories is really strong for me, really really strong to the point where i cant listen to some songs anymore because of how much they bring back unwanted memories.

Anyway one that isnt tied to a memory but more of an occurance is weedking by guided by voices, which really reminds me of a warm, heavily cloudy day and i listen to it sometimes when the weather is like that and the association is now cemented