Odd Things


That there should be the most thirst quenching crips (S&V) along with the least (C&O) sharing space in the same standard multipack,

Do you know any odd things.


Abbreviation is quite a long word. I once thought that was odd.


You should be on a panel show for wryly witty people.


I could be the next Hugh Dennis


Pleas don’t get ahead of yourself, Steve Punt maybe…


Not everyone loves pork scratchings. That’s pretty odd.


i don’t understand the thirst quenching aspect


I don’t because I don’t want to consume pig flesh.


He’d make an amazing scratching.

Or she or whatever.


S&V makes you salivate
C&O makes you dry

in summary: you don’t know what you’re talking about


saw some veggie jerky in a chinese supermarket the other day. didn’t buy it cos i was too afraid of the disappointment


That backs up my argument doesn’t it? Don’t make me beef you into the middle of next week.


Thought this was about that new Netflix series…


You said S&V are the most thirst quenching meaning you need a drink after.



S&V makes my scalp itchy


Ready salted only for me, thanks.



Thirst quenching means it quenches your thirst, quench meaning satisfy one’s thirst.


Phwoar, he’s pretty QUENCH.


Black pudding too.

What’s wrong with these people.