Oddball work bathroom behaviour



Just saw some guy on my floor wash and dry his hands THEN rebutton his trousers, do his fly, then sort his belt. All while standing at the sinks.

I don’t know which number he was in there for and I can’t decide which is worse.


Was his cock hanging out whilst he washed and dried his hands?


I don’t know, I only cottoned on to what was happening when he started faffing about with tucking his shirt.

Quite worried the the answer is yes.


Guy who zips up no problem then cleans and dried his hands. Then if someone else is there cleans and dries his hands again.


not sure which bit of this I should pretend I’ve misunderstood.

Maybe that he’s actually flying?

Suggestions welcome.


How do you know if he behaves differently when he’s alone?


What’s a “toilet”?


Epistemology sub-thread?


Epistemology his trousers, he’s going to have to get them dry cleaned.


Interesting story actually, pal.

The main doors out of the block are a hotbed of activity and you can hear when the dryer goes on in the toilet. This particular gentleman only blasts the dryer once if I’m standing outside talking to a colleague:


Are you going to share “colleague toilet habits.xlsx” with the rest of us?


at my old work, there was a constant trail of water from the sink over to the hand dryer. apparently didn’t occur to anybody to shake the excess off their hands before throwing it all over the floor. used to see people do it every day.


We’ve got a cubicle wanker too.

I’ll get working on a google doc tonight.


I’ve worked in two places where the walls of the cubicles got covered in bogies, to the point that the cleaners raised it as a complaint.

I just have no idea how on earth anyone would think that was acceptable behaviour.


Friend of mine sent me pic of an office wide email from his companies CEO:

Truly inexplicable


what are they confirming. Wee or poo ? has to be number 2 doesn’t it, no one would know if someone had done a wee wee.


Reckon if the showers stank of piss it might be a bit of a giveaway.



Got to be a shit hasn’t it? Cleaning a shit would be a considerably harder job.


If you’re cleaning a shit, don’t forget the pièce de résistance of the polishing phase.